Singer, and now also recognized as an actress, Yoona of SNSD recently chatted about the hectic schedule that her and the other members have to keep up with, as well as the physical health of SNSD.

Yoona was interviewed on the 27th of April, and during the interview she stated, “It’s a killer schedule… I think that it’s a little different from the other actors. Though other actors can usually rest after filming for the drama, there’s either an endorsement shoot to go to or etc. Even when there’s no drama filming for the day, I can’t rest because I need to either practice with the other SNSD members or fulfill another thing in my schedule. I think that’s why I hear [that it must be tough].”

When asked to continue, she added, “Truthfully, I do get tired sometimes. But the bright side is that since there are 9 members, we can split up work. Sometimes a few of us shoot for an endorsement deal first or we share activities… Though everyone’s busy, no one has fainted yet (Laughs).”

Yoona also joked that the girls always try to find a way to escape from their hectic lifestyle by saying, “Among the members, we’ll joke, ‘Someone please faint or something. We need to rest.’ I think everyone’s very physically strong and healthy. We all exercise a lot as well.”

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They are working s hard! I hope they could take a rest before their comeback

i’m sure they really are tired though :<


hwaiting SNSD

idols get worked to the bone :\ but they always say that it’s a happy kind of tired. So I guess it’s good as long as they don’t pass out or endanger their health

At least shes got her group members for support

awwwww, they should have more breaks! ^_^

It’s a lot of work but it’s good that they split their schedule sometimes… It’ll be nice if they rest for a while ^^

Its so hard u know : )

I’m really not surprised at how busy they are - hope they take some time to rest soon and make sure they take care of their health!!

it must be hard having such a shedule, but they are very strong to keep up with it, and it pays off ‘cause her drama is really good smile

don’t jinx yourselves! knock on wood immediately! i hope you’ll all stay healthy and well even with those busy schedules. i think SM ent. should give snsd a year long break

yeah i can imagine they are quite busy.  i just hope they all stay healthy

Ya to think that they have 9 members and they can all divide jobs really well so that none of them would faint or smth. Our Yoong has matured <3

I imagine Sunny the girl who will faint… LOL! grin
Yoona’s definitely an actress now. smile

It’s right that we don’t heard a lot about one of the girls who faint or something like this.
They must be busy but they love being among themselves and seem to have a lot of fun.

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