miss A’s Suzy never fails to make the most beautiful Selcas, and her most recent one shows the “Touch” star with some pretty contact lenses.

On the 28th of April, fans were treated with a Tweet by Suzy which read, “hi Im suzy ~~:-) i have blue eyes i like it like it ☞☜ what about u guys ㅇㅅㅇ?” Along with it, she posted the picture above with her blue contacts in.

A couple of moments later, after people left their comments about her fresh look, she Tweeted again, “Everyone says they hate my blue eyes. Then, here are my natural ones +_+“.

When the pictures are put together, you can see that the left picture shows an innocent, natural look while the other one looks mature and rather sensual. Even though many fans seem to dislike the blue eyes on Suzy, I think that she suits both of them, especially with the blue contacts.

Many of her Twitter followers said, “I pick natural“, “Your natural eyes are your biggest asset ;)“, and “You look like a cat with the lenses on“.

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I think she looks better without contacts

I like it~ she looks good with both~

she looks good with both, but the blue is really pretty :D

i actually LOVE both!!!

Youre cute Suzy

i think the natural fits her better!

I actually think the blue is really pretty.

blue looks nice :D

Very pretty! Omg so jealous lol

i think she looks great with blue eyes. really really nice, though she beautiful without them as well!

awww i thought she looked cute! 

I like her blue eyes but she looks pretty both ways. 

I love her eyes in both ways:D

I think she looks great in both!
I really like blue eyes ^^

both suit her ^^

whoa she looks completely different XD!

Yeah, I also like the natural ones… But with contacts is not bad at all… Both suits her!:-)

She suits both but natural looks better ^^

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