Sadly, many of our idols have suffered in the past, and Super Junior’s beloved leader Leeteuk, has joined those ranks with the sad story that he revealed over MBC’s “Super Junior Dreams of K-POP Legend“. As someone who never fails to smile, the leader has gone through some tough times to get to where he is today. He commented about his inner thoughts, “Training for 5 years, I am uncertain if I’ll be successful in this career. I feel so unlucky? I think I would be happier if I was born in richer and better family.” He also added that he was always looking for ways to be happier.

However when questioned about life before his debut, Leeteuk began to tear and said, “I haven’t talked about this before…My parents are always fighting and I got hit many times before. Since elementary school, I’m always stressed out. I hate my father and I am scared of him.

He then added, “During my training, I always asked myself if this is really what I want. I wanted to be successful as fast as I could.”

Poor Leeteuk. I teared when I read this. I hope he can find happiness.

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This is sad. I hope he’s happynow!@

it’s ok teukie. you have the smtown family and your suju family now!

Oh my, thank God he let Teukie succeed, so that he can get away from his family, and Suju can get such a beloved leader <3

poor Leeteuk, please be more happy…

oh teukie :’(

he’s in my prayers<3
no one should ever feel unsafe in their family, so i pray that at least his ELFs and suju family treasure him more than ever.

it’s hard to speak about a hard past, even if it’s the nationally-known, strong leader teukkie.

i also pray that his parents realize that their son has been hurt in an irreversible way and that he needs treasuring like any other child in the world as well as deserves to be a priority in their lives.

Wow...that’s unexpected. Now I’m starting to pity him...must be really tough for him back then. I wonder how’s his relationship with his parents now...?

Awhhh Leeteuk )’:
Well now he knows he made the right choice~ So many people love him ^^

aww :( really wish he would really become happy, and could really smile without having to think about the troubles he has in his life :( I hope he does feel a little bit better that he could let it out once and empty his burdens a bit

Oh my god, poor Leeteuk. I would have never guessed that someone so happy like him would have had such a horrible past. Usually in those types of situations it changes the person for the better or for the worse. Luckily it was for the better for Leeteuk but still, no one should have to go through that. I hope he finds what makes him happiest. He deserves nothing less than that. 

omo!! i didn’t even know this… leeteuk ah..

Oh my gosh, poor Teukie! Well, he’s successful now and I know for a fact that he made the right choice!

Aww Teukie .. Can’t wait to see this </3

so sad.... Leeteuk himnae~!

Ahh so sad.
I wonder if he keeps in contact with his dad now?

Yes.. very very sad.. but the past made him and now he is a STAR! ^_^ Fighting SUJU!!!

how very sad…

oh wow...I never expected that from Leeteuk… :( stay strong Leeteuk!

That’s a sad story but he has many things to smile for now ^^ Teukie oppa we love you! 

When I heard Leeteuk say that he got hit, I wanted to smack some hoes.

Saranghae Teukie Teuk <3 Perfect angel daebak leader~

awww porr teukie. i really think it wrong for parent to hit kids bc it make them ahve bad memory of them and fear them instead of loving them instead

Teukie-oppa, you’re one of the most hard-working, dedicated & kind idols out there! <3
I hope you have lots of people to turn to for support!
ELFs will loves love you, Angel-Leader! saranghaeyo~~

noooo Leeteuk! T_T We love you!

That’s so sad T^T Poor Teukie

awww poor Leeteuk

What a sad story for Leeteuk.. Now I think that in this time, there are many reasons fo him to smile.. grin SuJu fighting!

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