On April 30th, 2PM’s Wooyoung celebrated his 23rd birthday. He shared a two photos from his birthday celebration and wrote, ”Thank you Thank you Thank you ^^ to all those, who congratulated my birthday.”

The first photo shows Wooyoung smiling brightly while someone holds a plate filled with Choco Pie and a hamburger at the top in front of him. In the second photo, we can not see Wooyoung’s full face but we can see him blowing out the candles from his birthday cake.

Fans commented, “Wow your birthday cake looks delicious“, “Happy Birthday“, and “Ah~ So cute <3“.

Happy birthday to Wooyoung!

Source: Wooyoung’s Twitter

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hamburger and choco pie? what a weird combo.. lol
Happy Birthday!!~ <3

His cake is still better than what I’ve had so far XD

he looks so cute in the first pics <3

Happy birthday Wooyoung!!  Those are some delicious looking cakes there...including the hamburgers lol

Happy birthday Wooyoung - enjoy your celebratory food! :D

WooYoung’s cake xD It’s cute <3

Happy Birthday Wooyoung smile

Happy birthday Wooyoung :D
I love both of your cakes XD

That was cute....I like both of his cakes

lmao thats cute!
Happy Birthday Wooyoung XD

Happy Birthday Wooyoung!!!!

Now that is the way to celebrate - burger and choco pies! =)

Happy Birthday Wooyoung!!!!

Hamburger and choco birthday cake? xD
Happy Birthday to him~ ^^

Happy Birthday Wooyoung ^.^

Happy B’day Wooyoung oppa! =D

Hahah I hope I will get the same cake this friday !
And Happy Birthday cutie boy.

wooyoung’s cute! and the cake too! Happy Birthday, Wooyoung!

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