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Ever wonder how adorable Wonder Girl’s Lim looked when she was a teen? Well check out the photo above! More »

IU was chosen to be Nongshim Noodles‘ latest endorser just last month for the brand’s Hooroorook noodles and after listening to her calming song and watching her interactive CFs, she now comes to teach how to cook some delicious Hooroorook noodles! More »

BoA has appeared in the April issue of Marie Claire Magazine, and boy, does she look as amazing as ever. Posing in many different attires, BoA pulls off each look flawlessly, from elegant to casual. More »

From Rekuru:

Today’s video-of-the-day features Tu[ism] with the enigmatic “I still…” The song is cute, but that may have something to do with the vocalist. His voice is very sweet. I almost want to say that it doesn’t fit the music, but Tu[ism] makes it work with the playfulness of the melody. More »

From Rekuru: The jacket covers for S/mileage’s 11th single, 2nd after being downsized to just six members, “Dot Bikini” has been released! More »

SHINee recently released their 4th mini-album Sherlock to the delight of Korean Shawols and it looks like their Japanese agency EMI Music Japan has decided that Japanese Shawols deserve ‘Sherlock’. In Japanese. More »

From Rekuru: It’s April Fools Day! Some people love this special day…while others absolutely despise it. In the anime world, which ones would be fun to prank and which ones should you NEVER try and prank. Let’s check out a few, shall we? More »

From Rekuru:

Visual kei band D=OUT announced that they plan to release their new single, the band’s first love song, on May 2nd. It will be titled “Aisuru Hito.” More »

The legend of Kpop, Shinhwa, has returned with after a four year hiatus to steal the hearts of fans once more with their new song “Venus” and album ‘The Return‘. The catchy song will definitely have you singing “You’re my love uh uh uh uh uh uh uh Venus”. Well, either way, the Shinhwa members definitely haven’t lost their touch as they dance away and sing a perfect live. Unfortunately, Hyuseng was injured and couldn’t participate in the dancing (and was replaced by the masked man) but he shined with his beautiful voice instead. Check out their MR Removed below: More »

Rania, known for their sexy Dr. Feel Good concept and having worked with Teddy Riley, may soon be going from 7 to 6 members after member Joy tweeted some sad words. More »

Brown Eyed Girls have been focusing on their solo activities lately, but they came together for U Magazine for an interview. They share their thoughts and insights and also reveal what their ideal man is like. More »

IU and Yoo Seung Ho have become the latest models for clothing brand Guess and its latest clothing line G BY GUESS. After a collaborative CF of the two was seen, IU comes back with her own solo CF. More »

BoA shared some photos of her on twitter after filming SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘, and she seems to have been pretty tired after all that running. She wrote, “Today I filmed for running man for three hours in a row, How do I look? I look a bit tired T_T Ill see you later ^^” More »

It may seem like just now, but back in 2011, 2NE1 collaborated with American designer Jeremy Scott for a shoe release of their ‘JS Collage Wings x 2NE1′. Although that period is over, it appears that Dara is still a huge fan of his unique and colorful designs.

More »

KARA’s Gyuri once again confirms her beauty in her latest selca! Right after KARA’s fan meet, Gyuri tweeted, “The fan meeting went well! I enjoyed it”, along with the breathtaking selca above. More »

Last week Shim Ramen released a dearth of videos of BEAST promoting its delicious ramen noodles and after seeing the videos for the Red & Black Project, the ramen brand has decided that you need some more BEAST goodies in your life. More »

On March 31st ZE:A’s Minwoo tweeted a hilarious picture of all the members pulling silly faces. He wrote with the picture “Eummm.. Thank you for believing in someone like me. I’m releasing this today. The people that I love”. In the picture the members are seen pulling different silly, yet humorous faces. More »

Kim Hyun Joong lets us hear his beautiful voice for the OST of the drama ‘Wedding Scheme‘. The song is soft and touching with a gentle piano, and once you watch the video, I think you will see the tender feelings that begin to grow between the two main characters despite their initial dislike for each other. More »

He may one of the most active Twitter users, but Super Junior’s Leeteuk made quite a shocking announcement by stating that he will no longer be a part of Twitter.

More »

Legendary group Shinhwa released their 10th album just last week, their first album since all members returned from their mandatory military service. Meanwhile, CNBLUE made their own respective return to the music scene earlier this week and as the two groups performed their comeback stages on the music shows, they came together for a group picture in the waiting room of Music Bank. More »

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