The Blowfish Face is a symbolism of aegyo, confusion, or the face you make when your mouth is filled with water. Nevertheless, the outcome appearance is never a disappointment for cuteness!

These idols were selected not only because they’re extremely cute while accomplishing the face, but also because they’ve done it more times then fans can take pictures of! As we list the Blowfish faced idols, we will supply only one picture. you will be able to view the entire collection of faces through the gallery at the end of the post. Without further ado, let us continue on with the list!

1. Super Junior’s Sungmin

Seeing as how he’s pretty much the King of Aegyo among idols, there’s no doubt that Sungmin would land a spot on this post with his Blowfish face!

2. B1A4’s Sandeul

B1A4 is definitely filled with a lot of aegyo members! Although most people would assume that maknae Gongchan is the Aegyo king among B1A4, Sandeul proves just how cute he is with his multiple Blowfish faces! It’s also been stated that he looks a lot like previously stated Super Junior’s Sungmin, so there’s no wonder that he’d appear on this list!

3. 2PM’s Taecyeon

Despite being the muscles of 2PM, Taecyeon proves that he can be just as cute as the others!

4. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

5. B2ST’s Doojoon

Doojoon proves that even the leader can be cute at times!

6. SNSD’s Sunny

With the King of Aegyo, Lee Sungmin, already listed, it’s only right to add on the Queen of Aegyo as well, Sunny!

7. SNSD’s Jessica

Jessica may be known as the Ice Princess of Kpop, but that doesn’t mean she can’t puff up her Blowfish face as well!

8. B2ST’s Yoseob

Here’s yet another member of B2ST popular for doing this cute face! With Yoseob’s chubby cheeks, no doubt that he’d land a place on the list.

9. SHINee’s Jonghyun

Jonghyun’s puppy dog face allows him to make some of the cutest Blowfish features as well. This idol seems to have a lot of signature poses, such as the biting the bottom lip, or the tongue sweep, and Blowfish face seems to be one of them!

10. U-Kiss’s Kiseop

Kiseop definitely takes 1st place among idols doing the Blowfish face! He has a countless number of selcas and photos complete with his puffed out cheeks and pursed lips. Of course, it makes sense for coming from an ulzzang like him!

With the conclusion of that list, we now present you with a complete gallery with more Blowfish photos of the idols above!

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Doojun looks weird. HAHA :D

aww they are so adorable~~

lol onew’s facial expression makes him either look pissed or lost lol

hehe love all the pics~ Jessica and Sunny is so cute~~
S♥NE forever~

This is so cute! LOVETHEM ALL!

HyunA should’ve been here. She does that pose like every single second of her life. xD

ROFL DOOJOON~ Kiseoppie oppa is too adorable~ Such an adorable ulzzang~ That’s why I have so many photos of him… BUT HE CAN’T BEAT KYU~

awwww hehe Kiseop-oppa is the undisputed champion here XD
also Taecyeon-oppa is adorable!! <3 :3

They’re all so cute! Jonghyun’s gif is awesome haha and is Onew lost? lol it looks like he forgot his dance and is looking at the other members for help. 

waah super cute :D yoseob, sungmin <3 the cuties :D

Sandeul’s sooooooooooooooo cute :D

They all look soo cute!

aww… these photos so cute~~

LOL at Jonghyun during the Ring Ding Dong dance XDD

love GD and Sunny! haha! they’re cute!

Sandeul is so cute !!

sooooo adorable!!!
Jaejae also should be on this list!!!

Naww Sungminnie ~ xP haha Jjong is so cute!! ^^

GodOfSpaceKimHyunJoong - 05/02/12 11:08 pm

lol what happened to yoseob’s eyebrow?

I think he’s bleaching it…

Suzyy - 05/02/12 11:47 pm

They’re all so cute! >3<
Jjong’s blowfish faces are my fave! (Not because he’s my bias ... okay, maybe a little, but because it’s just adorable with his puppy face x3
Doojoon’s blowfish face makes me laugh xD

Forgot to mention thatthe gif of Jonghyun’s is too funny x) But so cute! x3

They’re all so cute! >3<
Jjong’s blowfish faces are my fave! (Not because he’s my bias ... okay, maybe a little, but because it’s just adorable with his puppy face x3
Doojoon’s blowfish face makes me laugh xD


oh jjong, sandeul, gd & YOSEOB<3

Awww, they are all such adorable blowfishes XD

hahaha omg jjong’s is doing it wwhile he dances hahaha XD <3

I always LOVE Yoseob’s Blowfish face. <3
ROFL, the gif of Jonghyun! XD
OMG, I the photo of Doojoon didn’t load so I scrolled down.. but I scrolled up and BAM! XD
So cute he is.

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