Girl groups always try to get attention for, not only their music, but their dances in their attractive outfits. Now, many groups have chosen the nude-tone look, which creates the illusion of bare skin on stage.

Dal Shabet’s Soobin, for example, gained a lot of attention for a skin-tone T-shirt that she wore at Mokdong Baseball Stadium during a celebratory performance. miss A is another group that took full advantage of this technique with their bandage outfits while promoting “Touch”. The latest user of this optical illusion is girl group, 4minute.

However, this fabric protection is still not completely controversy-proof. Last year at the MBC “2011 Korean Music Festival,” Sistar wore very revealing outfits with a nude toned patched area by the chest, which at first glance, looks like skin. Besides that, they were way too short (but that’s another issue).

Many netizens and viewers became extremely uncomfortable after watching girl groups in their mini, revealing outfits, some see this fabric form as an art. Some think that the illusion creates sexually inappropriate images, while others feel that the outfits cover enough of their bodies to be appropriate. What do you guys think about these outfits?

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My only issue is with how short their skirts and shorts are
- for example, SISTAR’s red dresses and SNSD’s shorts.

I have nothing against the skin-toned fabric. It covers what needs to be covered and it isn’t see through. And figure skaters have been wearing it for YEARS without any problems. So why now with idols?

I have mixed feelings about this. :/
I guess it’s okay that the fabric covers what needs to be covered, but it still seems a bit inappropriate..

I dunno no why they would go on stage with something that’s screaming the length and the color were obviously going to cause some attention

linachieng - 05/03/12 2:19 am

I didn’t get ur title until i saw the Sistar pic

yeah me too! smile

Technically, the fabric covers everything.

But honestly? I think it still reveals a littl too much.

I didn’t get ur title until i saw the Sistar pic

i think this controversy is plain stupid.
theyre not even revealing anything despite it being a nude color.
length is another matter
but this, is nothing to argue about -___-”

i hate when people completely hate on the groups though - sometimes they have noooo say in their clothing choices XP

but either way, as long as they’re not distasteful or too short i think they’re alright.

I really don’t care. If it looks good then it’s okay with me

Well, I guess that’s what they have to do that to get more attention from people.... not saying it’s a good thing though:(

It is surprising sometimes, and I have to do a double take, but like that, I think it’s alright. I agree that they should make the clothes longer though. 

well, i don’t think it’s that bad because they’re still wearing clothes right? but the length of the outfits are the questionable part for me…

well i think its okay, but for the most part, when they choose nude clothing it’s also very short. so rather than changing the color i think they should change the length. but yes sometimes the nude color seems too revealing, even though it’s not revealing anything

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