JYJ’s Yoochun received the results of his physical examination conducted by Korea’s Military Manpower Administration (MMA), and he will be assigned to a public service personnel position for his two-years of mandatory service.

Back in February, C-JeS Entertainment revealed that all three members of JYJ received the physical examination required by MMA and Yoochun had to undergo more examinations because of his asthma. On May 3rd, a representative announced “Yoochun recently underwent his physical exam and receive a level four grade due to his asthma, which he’s had since he was younger.”

The representative continued, “Yoochun complied with all of the examinations required by the Military Manpower Assocation, and even received a retest three times. In the end, the Military Manpower Association decided that he would be best fit for reservist duty so he will serve as a public service personnel.”

According to C-JeS Entertainment, Yoochun received notification that he is required to report to the training center on May 21st. However, Yoochun is currently filming SBS‘Rooftop Prince’ and has postponed his entry to the training center to a later date.

A spokesperson for Yoochun stated, “he will postpone joining the army because he has to shoot the series. Since Park [Yoochun] has to consider his career in the future, he is not sure if he will join the army this year or not.”

‘Rooftop Prince’ will air its last episode on May 24th.

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Aww I’ll miss him

Omfg I’m so happy his enlistment is going to be like Heechul’s. ;_; He’ll still be around and he can still post on twitter and stuff! :D

I wish JYJ would just all go to the army at the same time so they can get it over with at once. I think Homin should also go at the same time JYJ does so maybe they can have a little reunion there...?

Just throwing that out there. xD

awww he s leaving too! we ll miss him

awww he s leaving too! we ll miss him

Nooooooo! :(

Aww, I’ll be so sad to see them go to the army.
But good luck and hopefully they’ll finish fast, whenever they go. 

Will he really go :(

We have the same fate… I have asthma too..

I will miss Yoochun!

Gonna be so different when him and Jaejoong leave!! Poor Junsu will be by himself (cause I’m not sure when he’s leaving) but maybe he can hang with Eunhyuk or even visit Yunho and Changmin.. Sigh.. Must not get my hopes up..

Awww. I’m going to miss you Oppa. Rooptop prince is <3

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