On May 5th, SHINee finally wrapped up a 3-day (night?) concert in Nagoya for their Japan Arena Tour and Jonghyun has been updating with some adorable selcas the past few days.

After showing off his fashionista style with Hello Kitty glasses and bunny ears, the singer has donned on a chicken hat and tweeted, “squawk”, terribly amusing fans. Jonghyun shows his smirk as he wears his chicken hat and his aegyo has been dutifully noted by fans.

One wonders if Onew had a say in this.

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so cute~ ahah better watch out for onew~

Such cute selcas >3<
I want that hat!! The chicken’s face is adorable!!
His recent selcas have been really cutesy x] Puppy wants to be called cute it seems! <3

Onew would probably bite him :f

hehe he looks great in that lol haha

i want that hat LOL

jonghyun’s super duper cute!! <3

Oppa~ so handsome and cute! Did Dubu give you the hat?

Pahaha, I bet Onew was very happy~ XDDD

Ahh Jjongie looks so adorable :D

xD shudve had blond hair so itll look like its the chicken’s nest~~ so cute <3<3

So cute!! ^^

where’s Onew.... haha
he seems pretty hungry for such a handsome chicken

Hes fricking adorable omg.

Be careful!
Onew can smell a good chicken from miles away, you never know when hes gonna bite!

What if Onew tried to eat him after this..

Jonghyun is just too cute smile

Jonghyun! you look so adorable <3 smile

u r so effing cute u stupid dino puppy gahhhhh <3

I want that chicken hat lol
I wonder if Onew ordered chicken after seeing this picture LOL xD
Cute, cute:]

awwww smile Jonghyun’s always so adorable!!~ :D <3

cutest chicken I’ve ever seen :D

aww how cute! haha Onew is going to come for you Jonghyun keke

lol Jonghyun be careful, Onew might eat you XD
Jonghyun is so adorable :3
I love, like seriously LOVE, his mole. I’m so weird....

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