For those of you who watched SHINee’s Hello Baby, you may recall that one episode where SHINee appas took Yoogeun to get his hair cut, only to have the little boy throw a fuss and tantrum, leaving them to take Yoogeun home without getting his hair cut. Well, Yoogeun has now outgrown those days and in a latest update, he is rocking a cool hairstyle.

Someone (probably his mom) uploaded two pictures - the first shows Yoogeun in the barber chair, about ready to get his hair cut. In the second picture, he is seen with much shorter hair and with a cool, chic hairstyle.

Looking great, Yoogeun!

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aigoo i am falling in love <3 <3 kekeke~ super cool yoogeonnie .the appas should be really proud ^^

Aigoo, their son is getting handsomer and prettier by each day. lol one day he’ll be as handsome as his 5(not counting his real one) appas

OhMyGee, That is cute.
He’s a little model:D
I looks like a kpop celebrity ^^

OMG, so adorable~

Looks like he got over his fear of hair cutting.  Too adorable!

He looks cute~

I love his new hairstyle!! =D

lol he finally got over his barber shop fear since Hello Baby! he’s so cute!

aww so cute an hairstyle suits him!

ahhh so adorable! omg Yoogeun is too cute for words. 

SO CUTE, laaaahve it~

aww, so adorable~ <3
I wonder if He and SHINee still see each other~


he is soooo adorable.<3<3

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OMFG HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Following in the footsteps of Key-oppa and looking very fashionable!! XD he is just too cute!!!

He’s adorable! I love him already! I hope I have a kid this cute.

he is soo cute!! haha it’s a little Minho ^^ i saw him dancing Sherlock and singing along ^^ glad he still watches SHINee

in the last pic he is too, too cute. that’s a very stylish hair cut!

awww Yoogeunnie is stylin’~~ :D he’s so cool & cute here ^^

awww, he’s so cute!! > u <


Just like his hyungs! XD handsomee!

what a curly cutie!

sooooooo cute :D

OMG!!! Yoogeunnie is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! :D

Yoogeun is cute + adorable boy now…

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