Both SNSD’s Tiffany and Seohyun recently appeared on Joo Byun Shin’s Talk Show alongside Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, and an adorable, yet hilarious event during recording occurred.

Upon entering the room, Seohyun tried to scare her unni, Tiffany, by excitedly going over to where two ceramic fish decors adorned the room. As she grabbed her bag and one of the ceramic fish, something amusing happened…

Seohyun broke the fish and her surprise was evident. Tiffany laughed and said, “That’s what you get for trying to mess with Unni. That’s your punishment; you better replace that with your own money.” Seohyun was trying to scare Tiffany because Tiffany hates fish.

Poor maknae.

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I love how cute Seohyun was being even with her evil acts ;D LOL

lol awww poor seohyun

seohyun is such a cutie <3

XDDDDD karma, she is a bitch XD

aww!!! she is so cute!

omg, this is hilarious LOLOL

lol her face is so cute XD
and her “ottoeke???” is so funny XD
hahaha Tiffany-unnie is like, “serves you right, evil maknae!”

lol xD i love how Fany just walked out on her

Seohyun is soo cute!^^
HAHA, Tiffany just left her! 

LOL at Seohyun’s shocked expression… XD She’s so cute! 

HAHAHA Tiffany just ran off like that! :D

Hahaha so cute…

Hahaha so cute…

hahahahahaha xD poor girl… x3

haha… she’s adorable

Her reaction was hilarious! 

LOLOL, Seohyun’s so cute.. [x

lol seohyun ~cute~

i hope she doesn’t have to pay for it

omg, rofl!!!~ Poor Seohyun. so funny!~ <3

OMG such a cute maknae!!!
Hahah at what Tiffany said x)

OMG! :D That’s hilarious. 

haha Seohyun’s reaction was priceless. Tiffany’s comment to her is so funny lol

haha her reaction was cute <3 <3

Awwww, Seohyun’s shocked expression is adorable XD

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