Titanic came out in 3D last month to commemorate the 100-year-anniversary of the sinking of the ship and it looks like Super Junior’s Kyuhyun finally was able to watch it.

The evil maknae was so determined to watch it that he ended up going by himself (really, Kyuhyun?) and he tweeted, “Titanic by myself… I wanted to see it at the movies at any cost and finally^^ …. but going all aloneㅡ ㅡ… Anyway Titanic is a movie so great you can’t get up from your seat even after it’s over!! ㅎㅎ”

He also uploaded the above picture of himself - it’s so dark that you can hardly see him. Kyuhyun, someone needs to teach you how to take pictures.

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Aww, so lonely to watch a movie by yourself. :/

My evil magnae !! Hehehe I want to go with you !!

LOL. He’s so cute. :D
HAHA. Evil Maknae has no hyungs to accompany him. LOL

Lmfao Super Junior and Titanic. Never fails to remind me of Full House. xD

You should have asked me to go with you, oppa^^ I would have gone with you~! I haven’t seen it yet either.

awwwwww he is lonely

Wow i would have expected someone to go with him

Cool! I’d go with you if I could! wink

aww poor evil maknae haha he wasn’t able to drag anyone along with him. 

can’t believe he went alone XD XD

Lol awww that’s too cute

Aish!! All alone?? T///T;;

Awww you should of dragged Sungmin with you XD Glad that you finally watched it! I haven’t watched it in 3D yet… but it sure was an amazing movie ^^

I haven’t even seen it before =\

I wonder if some of his fans saw him. Though he’s alone, at least he had fun watching. ^^

that’s so sad. :’C Take minnie with you next time.

Aww I would love to go with you, this movie required two ppl since its such as romantic awesome movie. ^^

awww all alone? couldn’t drag anyone along? if everyone’s busy again next time just drag a fan like me along! i love the titanic!

Haha, we can barely see his face! Glad that he enjoyed the movie~

Melanimelover - 05/06/12 1:11 am

This was probably taken in the theatre or something, that explains why the picture turned out so dark right? Isn’t it obvious?

yeah maybe that’s the reason…

I haven’t watched Titanic in 3D yet but I will.. nice, evil maknae..raspberry

The title of the article made me LOL. It sounds so sad. I’m glad he got to watch it though xD

This was probably taken in the theatre or something, that explains why the picture turned out so dark right? Isn’t it obvious?

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