On May 6th, EXO-K’s Baekhyun celebrated his birthday with both fans and his group members and he left quite the long and thankful birthday message to fans.

Speaking on the group’s official website, he wrote, “Hello! I am the person who is happy because of fans (Honey Baek Hyun)! It’s a beautiful night isn’t it? ㅎㅎ

Every year during my birthday, I celebrate it with my family, friends. But this year, I received so many greetings and messages from fans, and I’m so touched and happy. And because it’s the first birthday party after our debut, it’s a whole new experience.

“Ah, so a birthday party is like this” I thought. You will come for my next birthday party right? I believe in everybody haha! To all the fans that came today, and to those fans who gave me birthday greetings, thank you! Whenever I am tired, I look at fans and I feel like I’m about to fly!

When I was a kid, I had a dream of being a singer, and because of that I put in a lot of effort and worked hard, and I definitely did not do that in vain! It is because of all of you! Hoho

There is so much that I would like to say to every single one of our fans. I am so touched right now, and so happy and fortunate, I keep on writing and writing, and becoming more and more happy. These three words “ I love you” have been repeating themselves in my head, and I have been writing and erasing, writing and erasing ㅠㅠ

If there is no fans, there will also not be this happy EXO now! You will forever be with us right? If you will not be with us forever, then it will seems totally.. totally totally!! sad. Haha, be with us together! Always! Forever!

Lastly, I am very thankful to those who celebrated my birthday today!!I will always work hard and be humble and polite and be the EXO that is humble and polite! Please stick by us, and give us your support! Because we are still rookies, we will always work hard! Fans I really love you! ㅠ.ㅠ I really really like it! >_< Love it!”

He also shared two pictures of himself, one with his birthday cake and one with flowers that he received for said birthday. He looks quite ecstatic, doesn’t he?

Happy (belated) Birthday, Baekhyun! Keep smiling!


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Ohh sooo sad!
I totally missed his birthday!

I promise that I will always be there for Exo-K! hapi birthday Bacon!! hahaha!

Happy birthday to Baekhyun!!!

Happy birthday Beakhyun !!

Happy birthday beakhyun !!

Aw his msgs are pretty kiddish raspberry But he’s so sweet

Aww, sweet. smile
I hope he had a nice birthday.

aww so cute :D
hope you had an awesome birthday Baekhyun! ^^

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! he is so cute!!! I think it’s adorable how he kept rambling on and on!! Happy belated birthday, Baekhyun-oppa!!!

Baekhyun is so cute with all the emoticons in the msgs. :D

That’s really long :O We love you Baekhyun so we’ll making it even better next year~ Bacon’s so cute :D

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