SHINee has entered their third year as models for clothing brand Maypole and more promotional pictures have surfaced.

In new promotional pictures released, the boys channel some Inception for the Maypole Fever. Jonghyun is seen ‘lying’ on a wall and coming out of the picture frame. Meanwhile, Taemin and Onew are sitting on a surfboard that seems to be floating in mid-air with no support.

I wonder where Minho went, though.

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I want to see more pictures from this shoot :]

they’re soooo cute!! smile

Ahahaha so cute!! ^^

where is minho? i wanna see him , my bias T-T

They look so happy in the photos. :DD

Wow! Soo cute~!! But where’s Minho?? >.<

aw this is so cute

This is so cute and love the casual clothes.

love the Jonghyun and Key in the first pic, idk it’s probably b/c i have a weakness for a cute/sexy guy in a beanie/hat lol XDD and yes i am very curious where minho is. they can’t have all the fun! lol

perfect, except that it is a little lacking in “flaming charisma”!  : )

lol i love onew and taemin in the second picture so much! especially onew <3

*--* they look so great in casual clothes

Jjong looks awesome :3
Wheres Minho? And amg Onew <3

cute raspberry i rlly wanna go to maypole if i get a chance to go to korea ^^

I think Minho and Taemin’s photo is where they are actually on the ground and just shifted it to be the ‘wall’. Pretty cool and cute though! smile

gosh i love SHINee

bigbangluver96 - 05/08/12 5:34 pm

lol Mino probably fell because he’s not good with gravity XD Though that should be Onew XD Cool pictures ^^

LOL made me laugh xD

lol Mino probably fell because he’s not good with gravity XD Though that should be Onew XD Cool pictures ^^

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