SNSD’s Taeyeon has more awards under her belt than many people, but she’s still human and, like us, she has things that make her feel insecure.

The singer was a guest on KBS 2FM “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2PM” on the 7th of May. When asked about her complex, she stated, “My complex is my toenail on my big toe. I injured it four times.” Continuing, “My right toenail has gone missing. It’s been caught in my heels. There was once a time when it got caught in wheels too.”

As an idol she finds it frustrating because, “As a result, I can’t wear pretty sandals or slippers in the summer.”

Ah, so that’s why she stepped out of the limo with her left foot in the Twinkle music video.

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Oh man. Taeyeon<3 I hope she will injure her feet less from now on<3

I hate my toes too, but seriously though, how did her toenail get caught in wheels, and how could it go missing? Shouldn’t it grow back? Gosh I’m wincing just thinking about it! 

Mmmmm.... okay? How did she manage to get her toenail caught in a wheel?? XD

LOOOOL. awks

poor Taeyeon..hopefully she doesn’t injure her toe anymore! 

i have my nails....
taeyeon ^_^ it’s okay

I hate my toe nails too, but i still wear sandals.  when it’s hot i just can’t stand close-toed shoes

what?  it got caught in wheels too? waaah

me too my toe looks really ugly

Aww my poor bby..;~; Hope she doesn’t get injured anymore..

awwww taengoo you’re still pretty <3

poor Taeyeon.. I would watch again her left foot on Twinkle! kekeke..

*too busy staring at her picture* Oh man, she’s so gorgeous.

awww porr taeyeon but she is still cute

Aww, poor taeyeon. Talk about unlucky

Ouch, poor Taeyeon T__T
Hope it doesn’t get injured again!

Aw poor Taeyeon ~!

Poor taeyeon

I feel sorry for her..but we still love you, Taeyeon.. Love Love Love....

Ouch,, thats gotta hurt.. Poor Taeyeon…

Out of all the things to have a complex for… (x

Oh, I can totally feel for Taeyeon T_T My toenail has been broken and injured too and I can’t wear open-toe shoes…

Aww poor Taeyeon. I have that same problem with both my pinky toes and then there’s this bone sticking out the side of my feet too D: As I see it, she still has it better than me smile

Awww that’s sad....
Well I have things that makes me feel insecure too XD

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