SNSD’s Seohyun has once again proved that she is the maknae (youngest member of a group) that every group wants and needs, as she prevented what could have been a disaster for fellow Taetiseo member, Tiffany.

On the 3rd of May, the “Twinkle” ladies made a guest appearance on Mnet “Wide Entertainment News.” As they were waiting for the show to begin, a cameraman was able to take a shot of the girl waiting outside with the fans while being escorted inside the studio.

As they started moving, quite a strong wind blew, which caused Tiffany’s wide skirt to start fluttering upwards. Luckily, Seohyun reacted quickly and stopped the skirt from revealing Tiffany’s underwear to many.

Netizens were very impressed and commented, “If it weren’t for Seohyun, Tiffany could have faced a humiliating situation,” “Awww, Seohyun’s taking care of her unnie,” “She’s such a caring person,” “Now that’s what you call ‘manner hands,’” and much more, while some complained about not being able to see them…

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Great reflexes! Seohyun is so sweet! 

quick thinking, Seohyun! ^^

Awhhh shes such a caring maknae :3

How cute :3 My Baby seo <3

Awwhh! Its so nice to see Seohyun take such good care of her sister<3 caring maknae xD

awwww, sister-care<3

Aww thank god for her fast thinking :] She’s really caring ^^

aww.... nice work Seoohyun unnie
protecting your unnie
hm.... could they wear shorts under
yay ^_^ saved SNSD unnie
hwaiting Tiffany ^_^

phew good thing Seohyun was there

Seohyun IS the maknae that everyone wants~
She’s so caring and humble! How can you not love her?

seohyun so caring :B

Lol, hooray for Seohyun, coming to the rescue!!~

aww super sweet, good she was there and could spot it so fast:)

Proud of Seobaby! <3

girls should be careful when wear miniskirts, Seohyun acted quicly and like a good person.

what a sweet girl.. Seohyun definitely has excellent reflexes though.. smile

What a nice person smile

LOL , she is so caring ~!

Quick thinking, very smart of her.

haha!!! love seohyun!

haha, thank goodness ^^

seohyun really is such a well-mannered, aware makknae ^^

Seohyun is such a caring girl, looking out for her unnie smile

Seohyun is so sweet. :D

she really seems like a sweet girl. smile

thts a good maknae right there smile

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