It’s no surprise that SHINee’s Jonghyun is known to be insecure about his height (it’s quite the running gag amongst fans) and on the second half of SHINee’s appearance on Weekly Idol, Jonghyun attempted to reassure fans of his height.

Jonghyun noted that there are some fans out there who think him to be under 170cm tall and he ‘angrily’ insisted, “There is talk amongst the fans that I am under 170cm (5’7″). NO! I am definitely 173cm.” To further prove his height, he stood with Jung Hyung Don and it appeared that Jonghyun was indeed taller than the MC, who stands at the same height. However, the MC was wearing flats and Jonghyun had previously mentioned something about heel inserts…

His height complex got to him once more! How cute.


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Lmfao poor Jonghyun. He’s taller than me! xD

well you’ve got about 6 inches on me Jonghyun lol

LOL. He’s super cute. HAHA

Aww Jjong don’t worry we love you no matter how tall you are ^^

173cm is REALLLOY tall! ^_^ Seriously, I’m only 163cm. I still would have to look at you while straining my neck! >.<

5’8 is so tall already!! Hehe.. How cute of Jonghyun.. smile

aww smile So cute!~ It’s okay, you’re still way taller than me!~ I’m really short T.T lol <3

Yay~ Taller than me C: 

wooh!!!! he’s tall i’m just 5’2!!

LMAO XDD I uderstand him though >.>

awww 5’7 is already considered tall. 

im the same height as sunny...i wish i was taller

hahahaha poor Jonghyun-oppa, having ppl question his height XD
it’s okay, oppa, you’re still very cool, even though you’re shorter :D

dino puppy and his insoles ahahahhahahhahahahahah XD gotta love how he hates being called short and has to stand next to minho during their lineup ahahahhahahhahahahha XD

LOL Reminds me of Edward Elric!
OMG his complex is so cute!

Let’s do a height comparison - I’m 5’8”!
All he has to do is come to North Carolina. lol

Easier said than done, but it’s a nice thought.
He’ll get over his height issues one day… Maybe.

Oh delusional boy you raspberry

Oh Jjongie’s so cute but at my school, he’s short ^^

bigbangluver96 - 05/10/12 10:34 pm

Jonghun’s so cute! I watched the episode and it was so funny how he got ‘angry’ lol

oops meant Jonghyun

Jonghun’s so cute! I watched the episode and it was so funny how he got ‘angry’ lol

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