Back in January, Super Junior’s Siwon’s twitter account was hacked and on May 8th it looks like he was hacked again!

On May 8th, Siwon (@siwon407) tweeted, “Truly loving someone is understanding & caring for them, not invading their privacy, stalking them or spreading baseless rumors about them… Please respect my privacy and please stop hacking me.”

Upon seeing this, Leeteuk (@special1004) also tweeted, “Please don’t hack me either!!!! T_T”

Anyway, after going to Siwon’s twitter myself page, I do not see anything out of the ordinary…until I actually google “Siwon twitter.” As of May 9th, this is what pops up:

I really hope these people will show some respect for not only Siwon, but others in general and stop invading their privacy. This just isn’t right…

Source: @siwon407 + @special1004

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What do those people get by hacking singer’s account? Nothing!! So why do it!! 

Those people have no life, to go around hacking singers’ Twitters.
Let’s hope for the best that they stop. Siwon oppa, stay strong!

Wow, poor Siwon. I can’t believe that people so blatantly have no respect for others. He is still a human being, and being an idol on top of that he needs his privacy more than others. 

poor Siwon-oppa… stupid hackers! >.<

poor siwonie. some ppl r just so disrepectful n dont know the word boundary and privacy

Why do people have to be so disrespectful? These hackers obviously have nothing better to do with their time. 

STOP IT!!!!! it’s so rude and pointless to hack. it’s their life and property, respect it. </3

Hackers are really annoying, they should get a life -___- It’s not cool to invade someone’s privacy..... it’s wrong. 

Really? Why waste your time hacking into someone’s twitter when you could be hacking into something more useful, like, i don’t know a bank? I’m not encouraging. just saying smile
Poor siwon :(

Holey o_o it’d be hard to hack into a famous person’s account once, i can’t believe someone managed to do it again o_o so rude =.=

whoever would hack anyone’s twitter, not just an idol or siwon, has no life. like really? what kind of enjoyment do people get out of that? go find something better to do with you’re time. 

again?! why?!!!! it’s not only rude but it’s upsetting so stop! if someone hacked into your account you wouldn’t like it either!
lol teukie

aww.... oppa… change your password raspberry

damn! again!?!?! poor siwon :(

Poor Siwon…

I didnt know about the first time it happened but the “again” really got me!

Who ever hacked it, please get a life and learn to respect others privacy.
coz its seriously NOT COOL! 

x.x hackers are so dumb, just leave siwon and his account

Omds so annoying T-T” Some people really need to learn to respect peoples privacy ._.

Poor Siwon.. Respect his privacy!! Is his account so easy to hack? >.<

This is a horrible situation, poor Siwon. He have reason, the love is caring but the invation of the privacy is bad.

aw poor baby. he handles himself with such class...*sigh* i admire the man and i wish i could marry him..just look at his neck!!!!

i really really hate hackers! dump them! >,<

poor idols being hacked. how are they hacked anyway? did siwon lose his phone/laptop? 

Wow, pple had the guts to do that to a famous person.

Hate hackers. mad

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