SHINee recently guested on Weekly Idol and the second half of their appearance aired earlier this week, sending fans off into new fits of laughter.

The members displayed their many charms and traits for the camera and in particular, Minho showed off his aegyo by imitating Squirtle while Jonghyun turned into one angry little dino puppy.

Jonghyun is not pleased at being called leftovers. His expression is priceless.

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omfgggggg minhooo ur effing aegyo is gonna kill me and ahahhahahahahahahhahahahah jjong u so cute la <3

Jonghyun is so cute when he tries to act angry. HAHA

Haha. Mean Minho! Jonghyun just wants to look cute. XD

hehe Minho is so cute XD
aww poor Jonghyun-oppa, don’t get angry! it will stress you out >.<

kekek, jjong the netizen XD<3


aww Jonghyun’s little fit is so adorable. smile<3

Kyaaaa~ Minho oppa so cuute!! <3
Angry Jonghyun is always cute, cracking up a smile in every noona’s heart ^_^

HAHAHAHA, oh jonghyunnie <3

That was so cute. I remember that scene from the show ^^

I love how Minho is just so naturally cute! He can do every image so well - charismatic, sexy, cute, shy...he’s so hard not to love!

Haha, that’s so cute:D

Minho is so cuteee <3 Even when Jonghyun is mad I find it adorable XD

lol that is so cute

Haha, I saw this episode. Jonghyun is so cute. He’s not a leftover. His stares are just speechless.. smile That picture is cute raspberry

Hahaha!! Jonghyun’s reaction was priceless! smile

oh jonghyun… jealous of a younger brother?

XDDD Jonghyun… SHINee is such a cute family~ x3

gosh Jongmin is super cute and adorable

I love their reactions!! They are soooo cute!! ^_^

Lol “I don’t know him” XD

dracokid007 - 05/11/12 6:31 pm

Minho was so cite :D I loved Jonghyun’s face XD


Minho was so cite :D I loved Jonghyun’s face XD

Ahwww. Minho is adorable. Poor Jonghyun. :3

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