The second half of SHINee’s appearance on Weekly Idol has aired and hilariously featured a segment in which the SHINee members took into their own hands on who the best looking member was.

They decided to take turns on determining rankings in terms of appearance and it’s quite the amusing stretch, though not so much for Onew. The way they ranked one another was pretty funny as well.

Take a look!

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The older members are at the mercy of the younger members, heh.

Hahaha, this was really funny. But, poor Onew! Everyone was bullying the leader. XD

Awhhh Onew xD
But lol omgosh I couldnt stop loling at this (’:

uwww poor onewwww ;____; ~~ but they all so adorable ^o^~~~

omfggggggggggg DEAD ahahahahhahahhahahhahahaah <3 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahhahahahhahahahahahhaloveeee this clip omfg <3 SHINee daebak <3

haha… taemin was my favorite… onew oppa didn’t get a chance

LOL , poor onew leader ~!

poor onew. always getting bullied

HAHA!! Everyones bullying poor leader

LOL, key is adorable xD Poor Onew!

for me it’s minho-key-taemin/junhyung/onew

Cute, Key is so modest xD

They are all too cute! This episode made me laugh so much!
These boys will never seize to make me laugh. :D

LOL suchhhhh a funny episode XD<3

oh poor dubu<3 you are handsome in all shawols’ eyes @//@<3

Minho: Look at me! Where are you looking at?
Key: Get your hand off me!
Minho: Then get out!!
ME: Simply priceless...Minkey worshipper! Woot! <3

aw, i love these boys. forever a shawol~

hahaha omg, I love them all so much XD so freaking hilarious~
awww poor Onew-oppa though, it’s okay, I think you’re the most handsome <3

Haha they’re so adorable and funny XD but poor Onew

Awww, poor Onew. The boys just crack me upXD
Taemin, aren’t you afraid of hyungs after the recording is over? LOL

LOL Jonghyun and Key are just too hilarious <3
Jongkey love <3

Key is my SHINee bias, so he’s obviously the cutest to me. Poor Onew!! I think Minho is the least cute...but he’s still incredibly handsome! So no one is a loser because they’re all super hot! ^^

Poor Onew....LOL!!

For me, Key and Taemin are the most handsome members of SHINee!

Awww Key! You are so adorable in your insecure ways! xD

lol Taemin was so funny XD Poor Onew, everyone thinks they are better looking than him xD Key, I think you’re really handsome :3 lol

awww lol so cute! I really love SHINee <3

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