SNSD’s Taetiseo recently guested on Hong Jin Kyung’s 2:00 radio show where Tiffany expressed her jealousy of Jessica.

When asked she were ever jealous of any of her members, Tiffany admitted, “I was envious of Jessica when she was cast for the musical, ‘Legally Blonde‘. A week before she was cast into the musical, I heard that auditions were being held, and I told my manager that I could do a good job if I got the part.”

But her wish never came to fruition as she soon saw articles that announced that Jessica had received the role. Tiffany continued, “We didn’t know, and Jessica found out a little later,” and jokingly finished, “I was jealous for about a whole minute.”

It’s ok, Tiffany, you got your role for Fame! But imagine Tiffany going blonde. That would be quite the sight to see, wouldn’t you agree?

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