Idols live hard lives and sometimes it gets to the best of them. BoA’s mother Sung Young Ja recently revealed a story about BoA in an interview on SBS‘ “One Night of TV Entertainment“.

BoA’s mother revealed, “BoA was 16 years old when she made her debut in Japan. Due to the intense amount of stress she received, she was admitted into a hospital for one whole week. During that one week, she lost 22 pounds (10 kg) of her weight. I cried when I heard that.

In honor of Parents’ day, BoA had given her mother a carnation, and Sung Young Ja commented, “I’m always thankful for my daughter’s loving and considerate heart. We are a family that communicates by heart.

Poor BoA, I hope she doesn’t ever have that happen again.

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so much stresss…

Hope she takes care of herself now. 

Wow..Thats really scary.. I hope she does take good care of herself now, not stressing up too much.. BoA fighting!!

BoA must really take good care of herself now…

she was definitely a hard worker n a good person too );

omg so much stresss

omg, she works so hard! D:

...22 pounds is what i try really hard to lose

omg that SO MUCH WEIGHT :O aigooooo BoA is daebak debuting so young and still one of kpop’s leaders <3 love her to death :D

BOA unnie
eat healthy

22 pounds in one week could only be caused by some serious illness… and I don’t think stress would result in it..
But glad she is well now! 

o’: please be healthy BoA

Aw. I learned about BoA when I was into Japanese things (b4 Korea came along and swept me off my feet) so i always thought she was really young. She must have gone through a lot during those days (as a 15 year old solo idol). 

I absolutely don’t doubt that BoA lost an incredible amount of weight...but 22 pounds in *one* week? That is just too exaggerated. I don’t think it is possible to lose that much in one week without surgery, your body wouldn’t handle the change and it would give up on you - not even starving and intense exercise would allow for more than a pound a day. I could believe she may have lost 5-10 pounds due to sickness/stress/starvation, but 20? That is just to unrealistic.

But on the other hand, I’m very glad that she doesn’t have to go through such an intense period again. With new Kpop idols getting so easily into other countries, fans forget who set the stones and foundations to make this possible. BoA is just a role model to me - at such a young age she accomplished so much on her own! BoA fighting!~ xD

oh wow!  I really hope that doesn’t happen again

I bet she doesn’t get so stressed anymore, I mean debuting is a lot of work right? So I can understand why she would be stressed out then and maybe she does for upcoming albums but she is supported by so many people I bet it washes away when seeing the crowd.

Wow, that’s a lot of weight to lose in one week. Hope she avoids stressing out, FIGHTING!

Hopefully she doesn’t get as much stress and could be able to overcome it :] Wish her great health ^^

Wow I can imagine the amount of stress she received, I hope she is well now and she can handle the stress.

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