Fans have been wondering what the deal is with the Wonder Girls: When will they be making their comeback in Korea? When is their debut in Japan? What will they be doing in the U.S.? Well…JYP Entertainment is clearing that up now.

JYP Entertainment issued the following statement on the Wonder Girls official website, Wonder Girls World:

Dear Wonder Girls fans,

Today we would like to address the details about 2012 Wonder Girls’ activity.

First, we would like to emphasize that the entrance to the Japanese music market is just another stage
for the Wonder Girls who already procured United States, China, and other regions worldwide
as their performance stage.
After Wonder Girls have received numerous inquiries from Japan and observing their advertisement
and music business flourishing even without their official introduction, the members have expressed their intention for entering the Japanese market. Hence, we have been planning accordingly.

Similarly to the selection process for BGM for the ‘Mashu Puff Ko’ tie up advertisement; we requested
the Japanese record label to listen to the Wonder Girls’ released albums including the latest singles,
before we came to a conclusion. In order to accommodate their strong mutual interest in ‘Nobody,’
we decided to move forward with ‘Nobody’ as the title song for their first Japanese album.

Next, we would also like to address the domestic (Korea) schedule for Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls’ new album in Korea is scheduled to be released in early June. We have a line up of captivating performances, to meet the expectation of our domestic fans.
We are delighted to inform you to highly anticipate the new looks from the Wonder Girls for this upcoming album.

Last announcement is in regards to the plans for U.S. activities.
After the Wonder Girls TV movie has been aired through TeenNick, we have been receiving proposals
from the major broadcasting companies in the United States.
Therefore, we are in the middle of arbitration for the proposals we have received.
As of now, our goal is to start implementing U.S. activities as soon as the plans for the TV-related project is finalized. We plan to utilize this project as a marketing tool for the release of the new album.

Finally, we would like to thank all our fans for your attention and continuous love and support for the Wonder Girls.

Thank You

Looks like the girls are going to be quite busy!! Good luck to them in ALL of their activities!

Source: Wonder Girls World

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