After the horrific scandal of Open World Entertainment’s CEO, Jang Seok Woo, who had sexually assaulted 11 trainee girls, the Korean government has made a move to prevent such conduct from occurring in the future. The Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Tourism has stated their goal clearly and openly, “The government will kick out CEOs and staff members who disgrace the entertainment community with shameless crimes.”

The ministry will also seek to pass legislation to prevent sexual assault and other crimes along those lines in the entertainment industry. The Director-General of Cultural Content Industry Office, Kim Gap-Su stated, “There is no system that protects trainees at an agency or star-wannabes from swindlers or brutal owners who ask for sex… Of course, ‘hallyu’, or Korean wave, contributed to boosting the national brand power but illegal acts or frauds targeting young star-wannabes in the pop-culture industry have to be rooted out immediately.”

The ministry will be looking into all agencies to check whether or not they are involved in unfair treatment of trainees with the help of Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association and the Korea Entertainment Management Association. These two private organizations will be cooperating with the government to collect basic information on training management agencies, music video makers, and more.

It’s a good thing that Korea is taking a stand against this, since there are a lot of trainees who will be willing to endure this kind of treatment to become stars. Hopefully all these actions will prevent any sexual abuse of trainees or artists in the future.

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finally.... now this is amazing
they better watch out

good to hear, now let’s hope that all ceo are put on notice.

this is great!!

Thats really good! 

Finally the government does something

GLad that government is taking action ~!

I’m really glad that the government is stepping in like this - I don’t know much about Korean culture but it seems like it’s taboo to talk about rape/abuse in entertainment, so I really hope that this will be eye-opening for the industry and that no one get’s taken advantage of like this again. 

How sad that these kind of people put other people in undesirable positions. -_-

Those who betrayed the law deserves to be punished by law..

I’m glad the Korean Gov’t will do an act like this. Otherwise, I expect not to hear any news again of acts of immorality and sexuality.

thank you for doing something, the news of that CEO i was so shocked and disgusted! i feel so sorry for the victims :( hwaiting~~!

i really hope none of this will happen again.

I am really glad they are taking this step and I hope that things like the Open World scandal never happen again. 

I really wished this would have been enacted a LONG time ago, but I’m glad they’re finally paying attention to this! However, it’s hard to say that it’ll work if both the company and its trainees refuse to submit information of such things like sexual assault because of their lessened chances of making it as hallyu stars.

hopefully it will become a good law… but i think its gonna be so much trouble to get a new ceo…

This is a really good idea!
I just wish this law was enforced earlier.

Oh, I am glad to hear that the govt is enforcing that. Hope the number of victims go down T_T

You go, Korea! The rest of the world should be impressed smile

I think this is a great move, it was seriously disturbing the news of Jang Seok Woo. Hopefully stuff like that will never happen again.

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