U-KISS recently made their return with 6th mini-album DORADORA but before they made their return, the boys (or rather, Kevin, Eli, AJ) starred on Star Kitchen.

The boys appeared on the segment on “How to Make Kimchi”. Since it’s geared towards English listeners, the three members appeared because their English speaking skills. It’s quite adorable to see them in the kitchen and speaking English, wouldn’t you agree?

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Elvin are so cute~ <3

They make me want to eat kimchi but I don’t even like it raspberry

Aww so cute!!! ^^ love hearing them speak English ^^ they look so fresh <3

so cute~~~ <3<3 me likey <3<3<3 smile

aw this is cute! ^^

kevin tasted the delicious food
hwaiting U-kiss

>.< I want to taste kimchi so bad & now I want to try and make it.

woow cooking and speaking english ~ i melt

really wanna know what kimchi tastes like!!

They are cute! Their english is actually really good, they all seemed awkward in the beginning xD

I just watched this the other day and they are so cute!
I think there are 6 videos right now for Star Kitchen and the Intro says that they make 10 dishes. So hopefully there are a few more videos.

I’m going to have to try Kimchi, not sure if I will put everything they put in but going to have to try.

Their speaking ENGLISH and making KIMCHI!
How cute!

Defo need to watch this NOW!! 

lol my friends wanted to make kimchi. what a coincidence!

I guess I want to do that too , but can’t understand a word even ~!

Oh I think I’ll do some kimchi one day now that I have good teachers.

nice Vid! Love the U-Kiss boys too!! Now I’m wondering if I could ask my Mom to make Kimchi for me with the Demonstration of Eli, Kevin and AJ!! raspberry

That was awesome!  I can’t wait to make kimchi myself especially now that Kevin, Eli and AJ showed me how smile

o9h i miss u-kiss talking show when they do it about food. miss kibum n alexander. they would have been such a cool 9 member group too. :(

Eli: I’m gonna take it home, so you gotta make it good~
Ahahaha...Is this related to Mother’s day in any way? The host keeps relating it to mothers making this every week.. Still, they look cute! =D

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