It is somewhat of a tradition for singers to throw the opening pitch in baseball games every now and again, and the most recent one featured SNSD’s Jessica. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

On the 11th of May, Jessica was present at the ‘2012 Paldo Pro Baseball‘ event, where she was asked to throw the opening pitch and start the game between the LG Twins and Samsung Lions.

Both fans and players were completely distracted by Jessican’s entrance and greeting. She bowed to each side of the stadium and then got into position. Jessica then proceeded to show off a solid stance as she prepared to throw the ball towards the catcher.

However, despite looking the part, Jessica didn’t do as well as she had hoped. As soon as she threw the ball, it launched straight towards the ground, only to bounce and roll away.

Jessica became slightly embarrassed, but she still remembered to take a bow and smile helplessly. Viewers commented on the throw by saying, “She had a really good stance, but the throw was….err..”, “She must have been really embarrassed“, and “Ah! so cute, i love her dorky character“.

Have a look at Jessica’s embarrassing moment below!

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haha… embarrassing and cute

that’s super cute hehe!!

Embarrassing but cute.. hehe

Poor jessica, she must have practiced alot.

HAHA. She’s super cute!! :D

Aigoo, she is soo cute! But even if she threw it properly, I guess the person hitting it would be too mesmerized by her beauty to aim properly! XD Anyone can’t blame her, she isn’t a professional..

wow she is cute , hehehehe LOL ~!

Oh no!! Oh well, I doubt anyone is going to blame her/make fun of her! Embarrassing, but harmless and even cute! smile

hahaha!! I love how she bowed in a straight manner!! LOL!

maybe it’s an embarrassing moment but nevertheless, it was very cute!!

LOL embarassing but hilarious xD

Hahah they should invite her more to be the pitcher so she could practice more and then throw a good pitch!^^

lo, that must have been really embarrassing XD Afterwards she seems like she’s blushing, how cute :]

LOL That’s a fancy mitt though! xD

lol awww, its so cute(:

LOOOL @ the LG Twins(?) trying to clean and polish the baseball! smile
AWWEE, it’s okay Jessica! I would’ve done that too! >___<

Lol haha. Poor jessica

I think she must have been so nervous that she messed up, her face seemed red after.

On purpose to look cute or not on purpose????  You just never know sometimes.  Cute none the less.

aahahahhahahahaha XD omfggggggg faillllll raspberry

lol. XD Thankfully, she doesn’t need to be good at baseball. wink

i would have done the same as her…

LOOOOL, everything was good til she threw the ball :’] aww, bless her though, she’s so cute !

BWAHAHA!  awww poor Jessica.  It’s ok.  I love how the twins made sure to polish the ball and the glove before giving it to her.

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