4minute never fails to remind us just how fabulous and lean they are. Fortunately, they revealed their secrets to success: very early morning exercise and a special diet.

The 28th of April marked the day that 4minute was a guest on KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly – Guerrilla Date‘ and they were more than happy to talk about what keeps them looking fit.

Gayoon was the first to say, “We steam sweet potatoes and boil chicken breast everyday. With our diet, we also exercise a lot.”

Next was Jihyun who said, “We exercise after we practice our choreography. That is usually around 2-3am, but we exercise at that time.”

After that portion of the talk, the members were asked who they thought was the sexiest member in the group. They easily and unanimously answered with Hyuna. Hyuna, as the second youngest member of 4minute, stated, “This is the first time hearing this from my members. I’m really thankful, but I now want to hear that I am cute.”

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Lol, aww, poor Hyuna! After being the sexy one in her mv’s, everyone thinks she’s sexy rather than cute.  I hear you girl~ You’re still cute to meee!!

2-3am? Oh my gosh.. By that time I am already asleep!
No wonder they have such beautiful bodies.. They work out no matter what time it is!

That’s a good plan smile Maybe i’ll do that someday...... someday.

Wow, what a tight schedule and strict plan T_T I can never stick to them....

wow!! 2-3 am?? what time do they sleep then?? hahaha!!

holy shtzzz… 2 to 3am?!?! O_O

woah… rice?
hwaiting unnies

boiled chicken and steamed sweet potato seems dull I hope they eat more tasty food since they’re so skinny. 

o: they still exercise after practicing ~

i like roasted sweet potato

steamed sweet potatoes are okay but i prefer roasted sweet potatoes

boiled chicken and steamed potatoes? Sounds a little dull if you ask me, but it obviously works for them.

WOAH! That’s such an early time to exercise! >___<
AWEE, I personally find Hyuna much more “cute” than “sexy”!
She’s just a lovable dork~ smile

steamed sweet potatoes and chicken breast just doesn’t sound that appetizing every day.

O-O Omg exercising at 2-3 in the morning.
I think HyunAs both sexy and cute ^^

hahaha Hyuna now wants to hear that she’s cute, but you are! :D lol I love to steam my sweet potatoes too ^^

funny how im reading this after eating PFC....ahaha
but damn they eat little!

They’re pretty skinny, shouldn’t be eating so little. It’s not good :/

Hyuna you are so cute too. I think I have to watch this show.

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