Just like the worrisome SAT testing for American students, China has the equivalent test, Gaokao, which final year students of high school are required to take if they plan to go to college. The high scholars and schools seem to take this test really seriously, seeing as how they have gone as far as to hook up their students to IVs.

Apparently the IVs transfer amino acids to replace the energy of the student. This is actually not a surprise in the Asian countries. Outside of school, students often go out of their way to get amino acid injections anyways, so school’s decided to save them the time that could be used for studying, and brought the drips to them within the classrooms.

Talk about dedication!


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O_O i know some asian countries got serious students… but maybe even more serious than i knew… O_O

What the hell…

wow that is supremely scary dude ><

wahhh O_o thats....extreme.

Uh...I don’t think studying should ever make you so ill that you need to be hooked up to an IV

Yes, it’s a little extreme, but at least the school cares enough to offer. And I’m sure it’s not a requirement to get hooked up to an IV if you want to study more.

(The first picture made me think of a scene from Inception lol. Anyone else get that?)

it seems harsh and weird…

Omg o-o Whut. That is so weird o-o

I’m afraid! lol

Please, just be like other students and eat well, relax, study hard. No need to go that far ...

I saw this on the TV the other day. That’s going so far yes, their health is more important than the studies.

never heard of such thing. :O i have relatives in Hong Kong and I’ve never heard of them taking injections :O

Wow, ain’t this a bit extreme? Oh well, whatever helps them.... me, I’m just going to relax the day before my SAT, which is not far away from now :X

Oh.... I don’t know about this.
I can see that IV will benefit the students, but this is goin too far in my opinion!

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