On May 13th, Super Junior’s Heechul updated fans while on his way to his hometown and enjoying a hot dog.

Heechul tweeted the above photo and said, “I’m on my way back to my hometown. There was [an] old-style hot dog so I bought one. It was my first time eating it in 20 years. Hot dogs should always come with ketchup.”

The photos hows Heechul sitting on a bench enjoying his hot dog.

Heechul has been serving as a public service worker since September at Seongdong District Office.

Nice to see that he’s doing well! Looks like he should be advertising that hot dog. hehehe
Source @Heedicator

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He looks so adorable :D

ahhh Oh I see X)

SO adorable!!!! Who took the picture?? it looks sooo pro....

Poser.. jks.. xP gotta love him ^^

Haha, I remember I used to love those when I was young:D

Heechul never fails to amaze us

cute heechul!!

first time eating it in 20 years??

really? first-time eating it in 20 years??? sooo coool and cute!!

he n his hot dog looks yummy *-* <3<3

He hasn’t had one in 20 years?! That’s cray cray!

It looks more like a corn dog. Its great to see Heechul doing so well and still updating his fans ^^

lol XDD i love how is just lounging there like nothing. lol XD

aaaaww hes so cute! <3

hi there hottie :B

such a stylist way of eating a hot dog!

i cant believe he’s gonna be 30.. he looks so young!

heechul still look so pretty as always

He looks so adorable. >w<

i really want one!

Isn’t that a corndog? *blinks*

that looks super tasty! really nice picture!

Glad he got to go to his hometown! =)

I foresee a possible advertisement deal when he gets out of the army. lol

Looks more like a corn dog, but crazy he hasn’t had one in 20 years. Hope it tasted good smile

Woah 20 years??!!!!! 

Awhh so cute :3
Wow 20 years o-o

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