I present to you all the laziest Chinese person in the world.

And the smartest to have been able to transform his lazy chair into an automobile. I wonder if he got pulled over, but what could really be the charges in that case? At least the guy is taking safety into his concern, seeing as how he looked both ways at that intersection.

One thing’s for sure, I’d want that for myself if it didn’t require a driver’s license!

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i want to try

whatta boss sauce~ LOL!!

LOLLL THAT IS EPIC!! i would have recorded it too if i saw someone randomly driving by in a chair… pahahaha hilarious (:

LOOOOOL, that’s actually so cool :’] i’d forever be lazy xD

haha this is funny, what a lazy man, what if it rains? haha

LOL i really wonder how he did it or.. what made him do it o.o haha

as long as he’s staying safe.. good for him. haha XD
i definitely do give credit to inventors like him though ^^

Even though everyone wants one of that.. I’m not really sure I am gonna like it >.<
Well,, I have no driver’s licence and wouldn’t be able to get one till 5years later?
Even so, I wonder how it brakes? 

lmao well the only reasons i can think of for him to be pulled over are: 1. no helmet, 2. no seatbelt, 3. under the speed limit by miles lol

i want tht automobile chair~~!!! =D but be careful of dangerous cars -w-

hahaha! that’s very cool!! I want that!

Oh dang XD I’m jealous XD
This is actually really cool :D

Hahaha that’s a convenient invention XD

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