in Japan.Earlier it was revealed that a Japanese magazine zoomed in on KARA’s Goo Hara’s skirt to reveal her underwear for the cover of their magazine. Now it has been revealed that Goo Hara’s agency, DSP Media is looking at their legal options.

On May 14th, DSP Media stated, “The magazine is a popular Japanese adult magazine and they took a picture of [the] inside of Goo [Hara's] skirt. They report on celebrities and maliciously release edited and suggestive pictures of them including Hallyu stars. …We are currently checking how did the magazine report on our entertainers and we are also considering taking legal action against the magazine with Japanese DSP Media and Universal Music.”

The picture was taken back in of Goo Hara back in November 2011 when she attended the ‘2011 Best Dresser Awards’

I’m glad that DSP Media and Universal Music is looking to take action against this magazine. How rude.

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That was really rude of that magazine editor, I don’t know how someone can do that. I’m glad they’re gonna take action against this, people should learn that that wasn’t a good thing to do, not just her, but anyone. 

They should...what they did was rude, inappropite, and violanted goo hara....i hope they win whatever lawsuit they hara should know that all her fans are support her and they NO ONE likes this magazine...Kara fighting!

Yeah!! That was indeed terribly rude, and I’m glad they’re taking action against the magazine! :<

Good for her~! I cant believe that that magazine did that ._.

good luck! you have to be more careful next time smile

Goo Hara fighting! This magazine shouldn’t be acceptable at all! >.<

Good thing tat the company has taken legal actions. Heartbreaking tat this magazine has been seen by so many ppl. Goo Hara Stay Strong!!

good luck goo hara

it’s great they are doing that!! they should know their limit!

Great hara it’s your right !!

I hope that this all blows over for her soon, with her reputation intact. No one deserves to have this happen to them.

Why would that Japanese magazine do that -_-

justice for goo hara unni~

they deserve it :<
tsk, so inappropriate to begin with;;

they must do whatever it takes for the magazine editors to pay what they have done wrong! they really really deserve it!

They should take whatever action against these pervs that they can!!

The picture was from last year? Woah :O
Legal action is a good choice!

That magazine deserves it -.- Hara’s okay right?

The action was horrendously rude and highly inappropriate. As a girl, I feel violated on Hara’s on behalf. I’m glad that the agency is looking at legal options. I hope they go through with it, even if to make sure nothing like this happens again. 

good for the company to take action!!
the magazine is just disgusting!
I hope Hara-unnie is okay… >.<

she should.. that was really foul.. that can be traumatizing. i hope she’s good. 

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