SHINee is back in Korea after completing successful rounds of concerts for their Japan Arena Tour and they have been enjoying each and every single concert thus far with energetic and powerful performances.

During their Osaka stop, a fan recorded part of their performance for other fans to see and it shows the group singing their OST song Stand By Me. Taemin was a bit mischievous as he twisted Jonghyun’s arm behind his back, eliciting a yelp from Jonghyun before they each turned on one another and started whacking one another with their towels.

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Minho hit everyone except Taemin :D Ahh, some things never change~

lol I saw the video and then kept seeing more and more from suggestions after the video ends *___* Key I love you!!!! His “Firework” cover is amazing! I love his smile, his way of being, just everything <3 Sorry, that was off topic… Now in topic, I love how Key fell and then Taemin lol That was cute <3

LOL omg, so adorkable! XD

LOL They’re such dorks (’: <3

Taemin Rebellion? ^^

waah this is amzingly cute :D hehe love the little squeal hehe they are just to adorable <

They are always so cute!! :D

they’re very cute!!! smile

taemin n jonghyun are such cuties <3

theyre so effing cute GOD <3

Oh man these guys will never grow up, will they? raspberry Sooo cute! 

I dunno I think they’re cute

Aigoo,, they are so cuute!!
Taemin becoming more cheeky~ kekeke..

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