SHINee’s Key and Jonghyun are at it once more with their playful interactions with one another.

On May 10th, one of the SHINee staff members updated the boys’ official mobile fansite and wrote, “Hello everyone on fansite.
We have entered the 3rd week after the start of SHINeeWORLD2012!
The day after tomorrow and two days after tomorrow at Kobe’s concert, SHINeeWorld2012 will also be in halfway finishing. Although it felt really long waiting till it begins, after it starts, the time instantly passed ne (>__<)

By the way, in the SHINee’s reply photo album taken on the last day of Nagoya, can you remember the illustration which Jonghyun drew?

Jonghyun who likes the mythical carp, to the extent of drawing it… (laugh)
Though drawing can’t be said to be his speciality, this is considerably an artistic masterpiece!

Key who saw this drawing…

Jonghyun’s artwork now being signed by Key!
Artist Jonghyun who then realised, (went) “Hey——!!” and was angry (laugh)

There was even such cute story ~
SHINeeWorld2012~ is still far from over so let’s hyped up~”

Too bad for Key that Jonghyun noticed what the mischievous member was up to and quickly settled matters. Nice try Key, but you have to do that when Jonghyun isn’t paying attention.

In related news, SHINee is back in Korea.


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haha, Key~ It reminds me of Hanchul.. once Chul said: “This house is Hangeng’s, Hangeng is mine, so the house is mine, too.” :D You’re like him, Kibum! :D It’s Jjong’s drawing and since you own him the drawing is your too :D

hahaha this is cute! Two times Key has done something to Jonghyun (the first with the tape) and still Jonghyun nothing XD 2:0 lol Jongkey interactions are really adorable :3

Naughty Key xD

hahaha Key is too cute smile

o/c haha… love jongkey

waha super cute! jongkey moments are always great :D

Lolol JongKey <3
They’re such dorks omg (’:

Hahah JongKey ! So cute! ^^

Jonghyun’s drawing is really good. Key is so cute. HAHA

i witnessed another side of Jjong^^
JongKey <3

wow , this is so nice ~!

hahahaha xD so cute <3

key such a tease <3

hahahah omma key & appa jjong<3<3
what cuties^^

Haha, oh Key you are just so funny:D

wow wait wut O.o jjong is left handed i never knew this :o and lol jongkey raspberry so cute <3

just realized that jonghyun is a left-handed :D

his picture is an envied things, that’s why

Haha, Key’s so cute x3
This is by far Jonghyun’s best drawing (out of all the ones that have been revealed) imo. :3 No wonder Key wants to take credit for it hehe ^^
Didn’t Key have an art exhibition? I think it’s time for him and Jonghyun to have one for both of their artworks :] Jongkey <3

LOL I love JongKey XD

Ehehehe.. Mischievous Key~ ^.^
But I must say, Key likes Jonghyun’s drawing of the mythical carp since he wants to take credit of it~
I like the mythical carp drawing too! <3
Jonghyun’s drawing skills are improving~ :D

haha!! how dare Key! LOL!! JongKey!! smile

Lol cute ^^

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