Hangul Smart Domain Organization, an organization that provides interesting URL addresses which are in Hangul, recently hosted a poll online. From the 3rd of May until the 11th, fans were able to vote for their favorite Korean girl groups.

The site gave fans an option of voting for 10 girl groups which included, SNSD, Kara, Wonder Girls, 4minute, Secret, T-ara, Sistar, miss A, 2NE1, and After School. The poll has ended and the results have been tallied.

A total of 23,274 people voted, and SNSD proved their lasting popularity by winning with a total of 48.22% of the votes. Kara took second place with 30.17%, and Wonder Girls happily settled for their place with 11.09%. The rest of the groups strayed quite far from the high votes of the top 3: 4minute (3.82%), Secret (2.01%), T-ara (1.92%), Sistar (0.84%), Miss A (0.69%), 2NE1 (0.66%), and After School (0.53%).

Due to their high popularity, SNSD, Kara and Wonder Girls have been chosen as the first fan clubs in the world to have a Hangul domain. They will look like this: ‘http://소녀시대.홈’”, ‘http://카라.홈’ ‘http://원더걸스.홈’ (각 홈페이지연결), ‘http://소녀시대.팬’, ‘http://카라.팬’, ‘http://원더걸스.팬’.

Look out for a poll with boy groups too!

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Congrats SNSD :]
But I seriously didn’t expect 2NE1 to be that low though :/

wowww, 2ne1 is sorta loww ;O

yeah voted for SNSD
can’t wait for the boys portion

I definitely agree with SNSD being #1!
Congrats to all the girl groups:)

Congrats to SNSD!

Congrats SNSD! Yay, go girl power! xP

good job girls ~!

that’s amazing, good job girls!

Already knew this lol

I was actually appalled that 2NE1 was ranked lower than Wonder girls.. No surprise that SNSD topped the chart..Looking forward to the boys poll!

the result of SNSD didn’t surprised me at all.. congrats!

but, 2NE1??? on the second to the last?? really? man, this may be a joke.. I didn’t expect this.. I think Blackjacks will be too sad and enraged about this too! :(

Of course SNSD would be most popular but I’m surprised at how low the last 7 groups were

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