NU’EST debuted in March with song FACE, starred in their own variety show, and wrapped their debut activities as well as show activities at the end of April and the beginning of this month, respectively.

With hints of a comeback floating around, it seems that the members were able to rest for a bit before engaging in new activities. JR and Minhyun have been selected to MC for music show SBS MTV KPOP 20 and will begin their MC duties starting May 17th. The official Twitter of the show shared a cute selca of the two, who showed off their new hairstyles.

Are you liking their new looks?

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They look so cute :D Minhyun~

They are so handsome!!!!! Good luck in their activities :D

they are so cute! good luck boys!

they are so handsome and cute~~

very handsome and cute. smile

Minhyun Is the cutest in nu’est!!

I really hope that they have a comeback soon~
Minhyun… Why are you so cute :D

Shokubox - 05/16/12 10:53 pm

Do I see I little bit of TOP in his stare?

yeah me too!that’s what I thought at first..

They looks so handsome!^^
Can’t wait to see them be MC’s! smile

Woot, I’m so happy for the boys~ They look so handsome:D

Do I see I little bit of TOP in his stare?

awww smile They look adorable!~ <3

heehee cute! comeback soon! we’re anxiously waiting for you, nu’est!

oh they look so handsome!!  can’t wait to see them as MCs!!!

ahh so cute nice hair styles :]

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