The queen of me2day is back — and this time with cake, but not just any cake, 2NE1’s 3rd anniversary cake!

2NE1 debuted May 17th, 2009 on Inkigayo and it has been 3 years since their debut. To mark such a special occasion, 2NE1’s Dara updated her me2day with the picture above and the following message: “2NE1′s 3 year anniversary! For real daebak, congratulations! This is a special cake symbolizing 2NE1 and Black Jack’s 3 year anniversary! We ordered it ourselves and prepared it! I love you Black Jack! Stay together Black Jack! Forever live Black Jack! Black Jack zzang!”

As you can see from the picture, the cake sure looks yummy and very appropriately decorated (adorable 2NE1 figurines anyone?) along with the message “Forever with Black Jack” to show their love for their fans.

Fans were happy for the girls and congratulated them saying, “I’ve been supporting you guys for 3 years. I’m happy“, “Happy 3 year anniversary“, and “When are you guys making a come back? I’m waiting.”

Happy 3rd anniversary 2NE1! I hope you produce more exciting music for all Black Jacks to enjoy for a very long time! 2NE1 jjang!


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I want a cake like that, and dara looks so much more girly in the picture :O Congrats 2NE1!

Congratulations to 2NE1!!!! 

Congrats 2ne1!!

yumm cakee :D happy 3rd anniversary 2NE1 <3

it’s been 3 years? hard to believe. n the cake looks adorable n dara look so young n cute <3

Wow 3 years!  time certainly flies!  Congrats to 2NE1!!!

WAAAHHHH!~ smile
I really like their cake, btw! <333333333333

Can’t believe it has already been 3 years! Good memories filled with awesome 2NE1~

Happy 3rd anniversary! awwn the cake looks so good ._. 

2NE1 Hwaiting~!!

Congrats 2NE1!! I wish you more success to be dropped on you guys, and many more years together as well! 

Happy 3 year anniversary!!! ^_^ Wish you guys do a comeback really soon!

Happy 3rd anniversary 2NE1! what a nice cake!

Love it! 

That cake is so awesome, from their fire days. smile

WOW!!!!! (fantastic baby lol)
that’s an awesome cake! wish we could buy those or i had the skills to make such a cool cake. it’s amazing how it’s only been three years yet they’ve gained so much popularity and even made english versions of their songs! love them!

The cake is amazing! I seriously can’t believe it’s only been 3 years - they’ve had such massive popularity it is hard to believe that they are still a relatively young idol group! I hope they last a long time! =D

amazing cake!

wahh that is a nice cake!! :D
Happy 3rd anniversary to 2NE1 <3 smile

the cake looks awesome, so fun that you can really see who is who on the cake, and congrats to their 3rd year aniversary!! can’t wait for the comeback

Such a cute cake. Happy 3rd anniversary 2ne1 ^^

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