MBLAQ’s Mir re-did his hair and he’s sharing a picture on twitter.

On May 19th, Mir tweeted the above photo and the message, “I did my hair~ keke.” However, he doesn’t look too happy with it. In fact, he looks like he’s pouting.

Fans also seem to have mixed reactions to his new look as well. Some have commented, “He looks pale and sick” and “he looks like an old man”, while others have said, “He pulls off any look!”

What do you think of Mir’s new look?

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Aww, he’s just the cutestest :3 Loving the hair <3

I like his new hair style. Mir looks so cute, even if he is pouting! ^_^

I like it :D

MIR! <3
Hmmm...what colour is that exactly, and yh they he looks like a cute old man!

aww he is my favorite member!

nice! ilike it

I like it, it looks great and Mir looks super cute in that pic :D

I love it~~ it looks good~~

i think mir looks cute <3

it fits him:)))

it looks good on you~

heheh he look so cute ~!

He look so cute,.. =D

XD I think he looks good with that hair~ ^^

He looks adorable pouting, but he really looks older in my opinion. But Mir is such a cutie in anything >.<

ahhh so cute love his hair :]

I find that the hairstyle kinda suits him :D
Veryy cute! ^_^

He looks super adorable :D

I like it. Its very cute on him :3

I thinks he looks really attractive with it. ^.^ ♥

while it’s not terrible, it also isn’t the best color he could have chosen.

Mir will always look cute!!!XD

Mir is always adorable to me XD

Lol am I the only one who thinks he looks awesome? x)

love the pose! but not the hair colour much… he’s the maknae right?

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