INFINITE has returned better than ever with their new album ‘INFINITIZE‘ and they’ve definitely planned meticulously to steal our hearts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them. But I think after listening to this album, I can definitively say that they succeeded in their plan of conquering fans.


The intro screams INFINITE in a literal and musical way. It’s extremely unique and something I would expect from the boys. I love the automatic recognition it gave me and I thought, “Ahh…this is INFINITE”. The layering of vocals is also great and the music is awesome: a mix of strings, electric guitar, drums, keyboard. I wish it was a full song. 4.4/5

The Chaser

The beginning of this song had me and it all went up hill from there. I loved the keyboard ‘woo-hoos’, they sounded so right. This is so INFINITE and I love it. It’s like an old song but at the same time it’s so modern and fierce. The little ‘yeah-he’s in the background during the chorus were so perfect and the background music in general was great. There were many changes in pace and the song is really catchy. The only thing that bothered me was that I felt like the balance of lines between members was off. I love Sunggyu but he dominated the song - even the chorus which is technically is supposed to be all of them - even Woohyun didn’t have as many lines as usual and he’s the other main vocal…but Sungjong and Sungyeol had longer ones! 4.5/5

Feel So Bad

This made me smile that moment I hit play. The music started so cute with a large amount of strings and piano. And then it changed suddenly to something a little more serious with a beat and guitars and intense strings. The vocals are cute but not cute all at once. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, since I’m guessing that this isn’t exactly a happy song since they are feeling so bad about something. I was really excited to hear Hoya sing for some reason even though he has been singing in their more recent songs. I’m not sure what I feel about Dongwoo’s rap in this, I feel like it’s too strong for the song but at the same time, in some ways, it fits. And did anyone else hear “You’re so fat” around 2:50? But I think it’s actually “You’re so fine”… 4/5

In The Summer(그해여름)

I thought Jason Mraz the moment I heard it. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It’s a really cute song, but the similarities distracted me for some time. Anyway, the boys’ cute voices are so adorable. Myungsoo sang those high notes right? I don’t think I’ve heard him sing high notes before; that was exciting. I liked the ‘ahhs’ in the background during the chorus, and how they would switch from harmonizing to just a single voice and then back to harmonizing. It’s a really casual and relaxing song with the soft guitar. 3.8/5

Only Tears (눈물만)

So many feelings right now. I love ballads and INFINITE has amazing voices and together, it’s perfect. The music is so gentle and sad and I’m so happy they didn’t add drums. It’s just pianos, guitars, strings, and beautiful voices. The absence of rapping is also a plus, it wouldn’t have fit in this song. Their voices are so emotional, and I really want more ballads from them. I’m not exactly sure what more I can say about it since it’s so amazing. This might just be my favorite song from the album. 5/5

I Like You (니거좋다)

I thought of the Japanese group Buono for this song started but the thought was short lived. I’m not sure what to think about this song though. I liked the background singing layering during Dongwoo’s rapping and the bursts of high notes after intervals of normal singing. It sounds really catchy but it doesn’t stand out to me. It doesn’t entice me to listen to it again and again like I would with some of the other songs. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. 3.5/5


I said I like ballads, but this one is too ‘wintery’ for me, especially when I’m anticipating spring and summer. I like the vocals, but not the instrument choice. The drums, guitar, and the classical piano do fit here. It’s just the bell sound that puts me off. Anyway, I really liked Sungyeol and Sungjong’s intro, their voices are so innocent. But overall, this is one of the less memorable songs on the album for me.

I really liked this album. It had INFINITE written all over it and they incorporated many different genres to show how much they have matured. Of course, there are going to be songs I don’t enjoy as much, but I know others will have different opinions. Either way, I love these boys and I can’t wait for more! Until then, I will fangirl over these songs and possibly buy the album. So, now it’s your turn to tell me which songs were your favorites and what did you think of the album?

On a side note: their infinite signs are never connected…

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I love the songs!! :D
The Chaser and Tears are my favourites, but I really liked In The Summer as well XD ("Hidden Track”!) such a cute and catchy song~ although Myungsoo’s high notes threw me off, it’s amazing how high he can sing.. O___o
INFINITE hwaiting!!
I must get this album~

love the songs

Loving the whole album, *fangirlscream* :3

Some songs are really good! :D

I really loved the whole album <3 especially the first five songs

it’s interesting because they’ve established that kind of identity both through their songs and dances. Considering they’re still a young group, i’m sure there’s still more to expect from them! i’m quite sad thought that woohyun didn’t get as much parts in the title song.. 

woow i want this so bad ._.

“Ahh…this is INFINITE” I agree and I love them because of this. They are not confuse in their identity.

They came up with another amazing album T_T Really want to get my hands on the album.
My faves are definitely ‘With’ and ‘Feel so bad’

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