The SMTOWN artists have arrived in California for the first stop of their SMTOWN Live World Tour III and on their days of ‘rest’ before the actual concert, the idols decided to have much fun.

SHINee’s Minho and Donghae were seen chilling with what appears to be Donghae’s friends in California (Los Angeles, perhaps) taqueria. They seem to be enjoying their downtime and Minho looks especially happy chilling out with one of his favorite hyungs.

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minho just love his hyung <3

awww very cute! ^^
hope they had a great stay!!
lol Minho is hyung-whoring again XD

I’m glad they were taking a small rest from work! ^_^

good to see them having a good time.

OMG… a taqueria...that makes me insanely happy, cause I’m Mexican and tacos...yeah..
Minho and his hyungwhoring ways~

Minho, you hyungwhore. xD Donghae looks so cute <3

lol hyung whoring even in cali

Looks like they had fun. Is it just me or do they look a little tired? Not stressed, luckily, but a little tired.

I hope they had fun and that girl does have some serious dimples!!!

so nice to relax a bit :]

Looks like they’re having fun! :D

Great that they’re having fun and enjoying the day with their friends! 

ayko0 - 05/21/12 8:51 am

The girl looks like a hamster! smile Want to pinch and squeeze her cheeks! Minho and Donghae look like they’re having good time!!

LOOOOOOL xD she’s got some real deep dimples though :O

The girl looks like a hamster! smile Want to pinch and squeeze her cheeks! Minho and Donghae look like they’re having good time!!

This shows that Idols do have friends with others too.
This also shows the close buddy relationship between Minho and Donghae~
I read from some place that Minho is closest to Donghae among the rest of the Super Junior members....

Glad they had friends they could stay with and relax.

SM artist are really close to each other ^_^

So handsomev^^

lol , both are so handsome ~!

I wish I was Donghae’s friend LOL T__T

I’m glad they have some fun time to themselves before the concert :D

I want to see them :I

hahahaha hyungwhore raspberry jks <3 so cute tho <3

lol did Donghae live in CA? So many friends…

So jealous.. I wish I were at Knott’s Berry to just happen to spot them and take photos~

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