And this particular update is causing a lot of buzz among Black Jacks. What could it possibly be about?

The queen of me2day, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, posted the photo above and left a message for her beloved fans, “What’s up?!? Here’s an alert! Alright~ For those who have been thirsty for 2NE1~For those who have been actively promoting us~ Those who have been quietly listening to 2NE1′s music and –-+ black jacks who have been cheating on us, gather around!^_^ Now slowly slowly..get together!^.*. It’s a little hard for PR officer, Dara to do this alone. I’m looking for people to help me, so please show interest ^_^”

Could it be that 2NE1 is having a comeback soon? Excited fans immediately responded saying, “Finally, it’s about darn time you guys came back“, “Loving the chic hat“, and “Blackjacks will gather up, so please return with a banging hit track!“.

What do you guys think? If it’s a comeback I totally can’t wait! It’s going to be epic!


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definitely sounds like a comeback~~!! ^^
2NE1 hwaiting!! can’t wait to see what you have in store~

can’t wait for their comeback~~
Dara is so cute~~

I can’t wait to see the comeback of 2NE1!!

Love that hat Dara!! Hope they will have a world tour too...(just like Bigbang.)

Finally!! I can’t wait for their comeback!! ^_^

omg cant wait XD

Lol I love the hat! And I love the possibility of a comeback! :D

That would be awesome if they came back!
Can’t wait to hear whatever the girls have in store! 

LMAO I love how she knows we cheat on them ;x

this is very exciting, can’t wait for the comeback, and that hat is really adorable, love the picture!!

Ahhhh!! It will be so cool if 2NE1 is really coming back!!!!
So many comebacks to look forward to~

A comeback? That’ll be epic! I can’t wait! I really want a comeback from them :D
In another note, Dara looks cute XD

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