Ever wondered what miss A’s Suzy would look like with no hair? Me neither, but just in case, teh most recent episode of “Invincible Youth 2”, from the 19th of May, showed an edited photo of the miss A star displaying a “bald” look!

The episode showed the G6 members and some people that they had invited for a pork party. Staying true to her innocent image, miss A’s Suzy brought along her father.

While doing a quiz, Suzy had to act out the phrase “shaving your head” and explained to her father that it was something that she wanted to do before she dies one day. He didn’t seem to understand, which caused her to elaborate, “It’s when you don’t have hair. It’s something you do at a hair salon.” She even went as far as to imitate a monk, but her dad was lost.

Once the quiz ended, MC Kim Shin Young questioned, “Why is shaving your head one fo the things you want to do before you die?” to which Suzy answered, “I just what to try it.” The realistic picture above was created for us, and herself, to see just what she must expect if she does chop off her locks.

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omg lol cancer survivor?

haha.... funny yet cute

Lolol that’s a random thing to put on a bucket list! XD

lol ahahah no, Suzy, please don’t shave your head! :D

Lol thats hilrious!

I don’t think she would look that great bald.  but whatever.  However, she’s great on variety shows.

lmao the edited photo is edited really bad. I love her with her long hair~ don’t ever go bald. 

LOL I love how variety suits Suzy, not awkward at all.

LOOOL, reminds me of a monk xD

o___o She looks kinda… Weird?

The edited pic makes her look funny.  Keep your hair Suzy or just shave the back where you can only see it if you wear a ponytail. smile

hahaha~~ I like her long hair and don’t want to see her bald…

hahaha! LOL! the editing is not to good… but it’s definitely funny!

oh Suzy , long hairs suits you ,

LOLOL doesn’t look good haha
Funny though

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