Usually in high school yearbooks, seniors are allowed to have one quote stated under their picture, and 8 girls with the same last name decided to take a more creative approach to the idea.

These 8 girls are from Presentation High School in California, and decided to make their high school quote something to remember. The 8 girls share one of the most common last names in Vietnam(And the Bay Area of California) Nguyen!

Isabella Nguyen revealed that she was the mastermind behind the whole idea, so kudos to her!


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I should get all the Smith’s in my school to do this XD

Haha this awesome!

OMG. i just saw this somewhere else. xDD
lol. ikr. that’s a SUPER common last name. xD

LOL that’s quite hilarious.  genius girls XD

Gosh have Nguyen as a last name would be nice when you think of it in this way :D Too bad my family has another common Vietnamese last name, Tran.

hahahahahaha omg, awesomeness~~~~~ XD

That’s fricken awesome xD

That’s an awesome prank. Go girls!

That’s hilarious! My school has a big Viet population too, I wonder if any of them will do this? XD

LOL, i saw this on fb, and i thought it was photoshopped xD but woahhh, its real!

lol love it!

Lol, awesome prank!

Lol, that was a really smart thing to do! XD

my friend has the same last name as me smile

lol, smart and funny!~ <3

That’s a great way to state something, very creative! At first I though that the prank was that they put their last names all the same, but I didn’t think that was possible, so I looked a little closer and then saw the words beneath it XD I’m such a slow person -___- But I should have read the article first too :X

omgosh tht soo cool1 however if that were to happen in my school tht would not be allowed :/

Hahaha I didn’t understand until I looked a little closer… ^_^” This was a great idea :D

haha this is awesome!! really funny :D

Pretty clever! But I got sidetracked by their school gowns, my school would never let us wear something so ‘revealing’ for a grad photobook lol

That’s a really cool yearbook prank!^^
Nobody in my school has the same last name as me....


Genius!! =D

LOL thats funny xD well nguyen is a common surname 8-)

Wow, that’s so clever :D

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