Lee Hyori’s heels worn on a recent taping of SBS You & I weren’t really drag queen heels per se, but they might as well have been. They were about 8-inches high! Typically the term for high heels in Korea is ‘kill heels.’ These…were dead heels. Since wearing heels higher than 5 inches in Korea is the unthinkable and unexpected, this sadly shocked viewers. Someone even attempted to measure the heels and compare it to a step. Apparently the audience isn’t very familiar with strippers or drag queens.

So ladies (and gentlemen), what’s the highest heel you’ve ever worn?

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wow, 8 inches if definitely extreme, i had to return 6 inch heels the other day and i could barely stand up with them on xD

OMG!  I can’t even wear 3-inch heels ^^ Well, I haven’t really tried, but I’m too clumsy to walk in heels.  I only wear baby heels so far..

OMG so high heels ~! :O

Omygosh,thats really high! I dont think I could walk in those heels.. I hardly wear heels either!! XD

Woah! That is really high, well, at least for me. I can barely walk in high heels! XD

wat wrong with super high heels. laduy gag wear super high heeels too

WOAHHH, thats highhh!

I’d like a 20 cm height boost, but I don’t think I’d like the aftermath of my feet xD the highest heels I’ve worn before were around 5” :/ my feet hurt so much after dancing in them…

woow 20cm is too high ~.~

I’m not a lady… But I think heels of about 8 inches is quite crazy..

I’ve worn 6 inch heels… My feet hurt for three days!

wow, that is crazy high!! >____>
lol, “dead heels” XD
the highest I’ve worn are 4 inches...but they were wedge heels, which is not really cheating… (but I still think it is XD I can’t wear pointy heeled shoes...)

highest I’ve worn is about 4/5 inches, but if it has a platform it’s really walks very comfy! you don’t even feel like you’re wearing such high heels, but that’s in my case

omg 8 inches!? the highest I’ve ever worn was 5 inches and that was a little hard to walk on. 

Wow that’s high. Highest I wore was 1.5 inches raspberry

Ummm.... 2 inches?? lol I can’t walk on those! I feel more comfortable wearing ma converses! lol

omg 8-inches?!?!? wow thats too high! The highest I have worn was 4-inches. 

Those look like platforms, so maybe it’s only like 4 or 5 inches? I hope it’s not 8, her feet would hurt so much. I’ve only gone up to 3 inches, ish.

I’m surprised that this is as big as an issue as it is. In Canada I think it would very surprising as well, but no one would be this awed. Heck Lady Gaga is constantly rocking monstrous heels!

The highest I’ve ever worn is 3inches, but I personally hate heels so I doubt I’d ever go over that. However, my best friend loves heels and she wore 7 inches to prom! Of course she couldn’t dance in them, so I think it’s super admirable Hyori could walk in 8 inches! =O

Whoaaa the highest I’ve worn is about 2 inches T_T”

Those are crazy heels - mostly because you’d have to be crazy to wear them.

The highest heel I’ve worn was 4in and that’s as high as I’ll ever go. Plus, I have balance issues so I don’t wear heels often. I prefer flat shoes. =)

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