TEEN TOP is preparing for their return and their album concept photo has certainly sparked interest.

On May 22nd, Teen Top reviewed an interesting album concept photo featuring Chunji, Niel, and Ricky on their me2day, twitter (@TEEN_TOP), and SNS channel. On their SNS Channel, Ricky wrote: “The hot fever in my chest and hunger are making the sleeping artist blood inside me boil~ It’s ok if my lips are paralyzed if I can sing! (They really are paralyzed). Chunji hyung strewn with flowers and flowers, Niel hyung who lost his mind, and me (Ricky), exhausted with hunger.”

The photo is quite different than the rainbow suits we saw for “Roman” and the bad boy look they had earlier this year for “It’s”.

Netizens have been trying to guess the guys’ concept for this album and have come up with “Flower group appearance” and “Bohemian concept” so far.

What do you think of the guys’ concept photo? Any guesses what concept this is?

TEEN TOP will be returning with their third mini-album on May 30th!

Source: @teen_top + TeenTop Me2day

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