Core Contents Media has recently announced that they’ll be taking legal action against the ‘foreigners’ that leaked choreography videos of T-ara’s upcoming song originally set for release in July. The choreography video was basically dancers studying the new choreography with a non-Korean choreographer. The new song was also featured in this video. This for Core Contents Media results in an international lawsuit against everyone and their hamsters. Or, just about anyone not in Korea that leaked the video.

Really, Core Contents Media, really?

I mean, do you remember the last time a T-ara dance routine became an international craze? I don’t. Lawsuits aren’t cheap either, especially if you’re looking to file it against people outside of your country. Core Contents Media should take their lawsuit money and invest it in T-ara — they definitely need it.

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Core Contents Media is starting to lose it.. Come on! A lawsuit for something like that?

core contents media is turning into a joke. really i think this is just a publicity stunt to bring more attention to the group, right before they debut the new members! 

Honestly I don’t think the choreography is that big a deal. The choreo isn’t what makes them famous (Unlike, say, SuJu)

ooooooo, some harsh words!

But yes, lawsuit does sound like too much, though, I understand why they’d want to do that.

They must have spent a lot of time and effort on the choreography.

don’t want change with new members

They should worry more about T-ara’s well-being and NOT adding 14year olds into the groups!~

how did it get leak anyway?

Well at least it does show that the company really cares about the dance + music ?

HUH WTF ? Roly Poly must be the choreography the most danced by foreigners kpop fan. So it’s the same for the new dance what should we do ?

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