Last Friday, EXO arrived in California and because they arrived two days before SMTOWN Live in LA, the group decided to visit Disneyland to enjoy sites that they hadn’t been to before.

Fans noted that EXO-K’s Kai looked down most of the time, not smiling much, and they believed Kai to be suffering from one of the worst evils in the world - jet lag. Poor guy seemed to be more affected by jet lag than his members were.

But a gif from a fancam surfaced earlier and perhaps this was the true reason for his grumpiness. As he posed for the camera with EXO-M’s Luhan, a fan girl decided she would try and insert herself into the picture as well..

Wouldn’t you be just a touch annoyed as well?

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lol crazy fangirl. 

ah.. fangirls.
either way, hope kai is better now^^;;

I admit what the fan did was a little rude, but I don’t think that’s the reason for his grumpiness. 

I got chu Kai, I know how it is raspberry lol

I don’t think Kai was grumpy because of the fan girl probably because of the jet lag..but she was really rude to just jump into the picture like that.

wow, um, that was not smart >___>
that fangirl should have asked first, not just insert herself into the frame…
hope he’s all better now though!

First Kai was a bit shocked, but then he laughed with Lu Han
if you watch the video you can see it (¬_¬)
ningin are idiots! :D

Lolol that’s just rude. Even if they are idols give them some space…
Fanaccounts said he was sick? And also he was probably really tired~ rude could you get?

That’s really rude of her =\ poor baby Kai..

When I went to California, my jet lag was terrible! It was time to sleep and I’d feel like I was falling off the bed! >______<
The fan just wanted to get a picture with Kai and Luhan, I mean who wouldn’t? She probably did that on impulse and didn’t think much about interrupting them~

Poor Kai, suffering from jet lag.. Must sleep well ^^
I think that fan is kinda rude though… We should respect idols too.

lol what in the world.. that was a rude thing to do but it kinda was funny :D i think he was just tired from jet lag since he did laugh afterwards in the video

hahahah KAI was like “Who are you” his expressions ~!

LOL rude but funny xD

I wouldn;t like that either

Poor kai. His jet lag must be really bad

such a annoying woman =.=’’

luhan ios trying to calm kai down. cute. n tat was just rude of wat the girl did

That’s really rude!!! What the heck was the girl thinking? Does common courtesy not mean anything to people anymore?

I would be annoyed! But that look he gave her was priceless xD

Yahh.. But she can’t helped it.. ahaha Wow It’s EXO-K ahaha

I think that the fan should have given him a little bit of space, but I guess Kai was just tired. 

lol that fan girl is hilarious.

lu han and kai are adorable <3

I’m pretty sure it was the jet lag combined with the waist injury he just recovered from. XD I don’t think that overexcited fan would ruin his entire day..

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