Face it, you have attempted the dance numbers to the songs of your favorite KPOP artists before. If you’re not a skilled dancer, you might often run into some difficulties. Why? Maybe it’s because the dance is just too difficult (for now). Perhaps it’s best to start with some of the easier dances in KPOP, so less are discouraged! Here are some dances that I find to be much simpler than others.

Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara

You know this one! Pull out your own pair of paws and prepare to dance along with T-ara. “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is definitely one of the easier dances in KPOP. Listen to them when they say, “Follow me!”

Magic Girl by Orange Caramel

It’s absolutely adorable and incredibly easy! If you have no issues with the cutesy concept, then this dance is perfect for you to learn. The steps are very simple and repetitive that you’ll have enough energy to sing as you dance.

Nobody by Wonder Girls

Who doesn’t know this song? In this number you’ll just need to step-and-touch and add some arm motions. Do not forget to point and clap well! Not too difficult, is it?

Tonight by Big Bang

Not much dancing is involved throughout “Tonight” performances until the chorus comes up and you’ll get to practice your jumping and arm waving. However, Big Bang always make up for it with their charismatic presence on stage!

Beautiful by BEAST

This dance and song is just too cute! For the most part, you’ll just need to master the little footwork from the chorus. This one looks loads of fun to do with a group of friends!

Fire by 2NE1

There aren’t too many specific moves in 2NE1 dances that you’ll have difficulty memorizing. Where most struggle is with the power and fierceness needed for dances by this girl group. Have fun with this one!

Gee by SNSD

This is another major KPOP anthem! You all know it, don’t lie. This one should be pretty fun as soon as you master the crab walk! Then you’ll have to face the challenge of looking as good as these nine when they do it.

Starlight Moonlight by Secret

You don’t need many dancing skills to learn this number but you’ll have to be cute! Personally, I find this one pretty fun to practice.

Hands Up by 2PM

Forget skills, what you need is stamina! Not only do you get to learn a super fun dance with 2PM in this video, you also get to see them run around like crazy!

Hello by SHINee

If you’ve given up long ago on “Lucifer,” this one is definitely the alternate SHINee song to dance to! For the most part, the verses are tricky at most.

Don’t be discouraged if these aren’t “easy” at first, because the get “easy” the quickest! I’m aware that I did not manage to squeeze every single simple dance into this post, but go ahead and mention them in the comments!

What dances did I not mention do you find to be fun and simple? Who feels like dancing?

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Urgh.. fangirls like me who cant dance highly depend on these. lol

how about sorry sorry by super junior. tat is like the most famous one.
also so many more like lovey dovey by T-ara, hot summer by f(x)… etc

lol i know half of these. must learn the rest soon

hahaha awesome list :D

i admit, i’ve tried dancing to all of the above(;

i would still fail at these dances lol

ahhh awesome list!
I gotta try learning some of these :D
I know the chorus dances for all of INFINITE’s singles XD kekeke~

Yeah, the first dance I learned was Lucifer. I really love Kpop dances. I have a really long list of the ones I want to learn!


Oh man… I remember the first dance I learned. It was Lucifer. XDDD Probably a terrible decision, but hey, I learned it. xP

till def. try to learn some more~

I haven’t tried any kpop dances yet. xD I kinda wanna learn Sorry Sorry, though, cause it’s just so cool. xD

Some of these aren’t that easy, but I love the dances!!

I thought that this would be simple and I tried it. Nop, no such luck, I can’t do it correctly. (Well, I did some okay, but not complete.) I can officialy say that I suck at dancing kpop songs! XD

Ahh I’m always trying to dance to most Kpop songs but always fail T_T The one that I have recently been most focus on is “Lucifer” and that’s after giving up several times raspberry Afterwards, I’ll try to dance to some of this songs ^^ The choreo seems pretty easy enough, but looks can be deceiving O-O You never know, it might be harder than it looks like. Oh, and I already know how to dance to Gee! *proud* lol

can’t dance raspberry so maybe gonna try one of those haha but tried nobody ones it is really not that easy but maybe that’s just me hehe

love all the songs
yeah SHINee ^_^ haha

love msot of the dances here but im very bad at dancing :/

Mr. Simple is not here! Guess its not simple after all.. xD

love this post~ ^^

these are really easy...but you forgot sorry sorry- Super Junior and Abracadabra- BEG (just the hips movement)

I think U-Kiss’s main dances to “Man Man Ha Ni”, “Shut Up”, “Bingeul Bingeul”, and “Neverland” are somewhat simple.
But when it gets to the other dancing parts, you’re like “OMG, WHAT DO I DOOOO?!”

T-ara’s Bo Pee Bo Peep seemed to be easy!

I find SNSD’s Oh! to be quite easy! 

Great choice in songs ang dance. But I find some of them really hard to do T_T

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