After KBS“Music Bank”, SONEs were not too happy with Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J for interrupting TaeTiSeo’s acceptance speech. In response, Shorry J sent a quick apology out to fans the following day.

On May 26, Shorry J tweeted, “To Girls’ Generation fans, I had no intention of interrupting… If you were offended I am very sorry TT_TT I won’t do it again~~ Don’t be mad~~^^;”

According to complaining SONEs, Shorry J stole the spotlight away from TaeTiSeo with the funny faces he made while he stood behind them.

Oh Shorry J…he just got a little carried away, but I thought he was just being normal Shorry J. He is a fan of SNSD too after all, i doubt he would do anything to intentionally insult the group.

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aigoo.. shorry is just being his adorable self(:

though, from a SONE POV, i can understand their point of saying that shorry got a bit of attention XP

I think Shorry J was just being his usual self and I guess he was really happy for Taetiseo! It was really funny the part where Taeyeon shoves the trophy in his face! XD
By the way, congratulations to Taetiseo for winning!! ^_^

seems like a stupid reason to apologize...its not like he did anything morally wrong!

aaaw poor Shorry. I was able to watch it and it seemed as if the girls didn’t really mind. it was kind of annoying though and it’s great that he apologized..

Lol at taeyeon shoving the trophy in shorry j face. I thought it was funny. 

I found it funny ^^”
Eheh. He just looked like he was really happy for them :3

omg fans need to calm down sometimes

weiizhen - 05/27/12 12:52 am

LOL. Shorry is just excited!! Don’t misunderstand him

hahaha yeah!! seriously...those snsd fans need to calm down~ ^^ hehe

LOL. Shorry is just excited!! Don’t misunderstand him

i’m glad Shorry J apologized as early as he can....

Awww, I wasn’t too offended but it’s good that he apologized!

I’m glad he apologized because I found his actions to be really rude lol
All’s well now.

It’s okay Shorry J ^^

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