The lovely trio of SNSD’s Taetiseo recently guested on Lee Sora’s Second Proposal where they not only performed three of their songs but sat down to chat with Lee Sora.

During the chat, Tiffany mentioned how happy she was to have received more singing time and lines in this subunit, stating that her individual singing time had gone up from 15 seconds to 75 seconds in Twinkle. This comment was brought forth when Lee Sora asked the three members whether they had found any difficulty singing in a 3-member group instead of a 9-member group.

Taeyeon admitted that at first she found it difficult, stating, “This is the first time I’ve worried about my throat’s condition since I debuted. Our parts became that much longer. It was enough for my throat to sometimes get a little hoarse.” Tiffany, however, was the opposite of Taeyeon as she delightedly expressed, “I’ve long wanted to have more parts and looked forward to this unit album, so I’m enjoying my singing with a grateful heart. When we were nine members, I sang about fifteen seconds. This time I sing for a minute and fifteen seconds, so I’m delightfully thankful.”

I believe in The Boys, Tiffany hardly had any lines to sing, so she definitely was happy about “Twinkle”.

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That’s great news considering the fact that her voice is pretty good. ;P

I like her voiceee! ^^

I’m glad Tiffany finds this good! Hope to hear other views from SNSD about this…

I’m glad she’s singing more.  I like her voice

Aaaww, thats good!
I hope she gets the time she wants.......

Yes in the boys she had more rap part but here she has very long and cool parts which suits her voice very well.

well, since Tiffany has a great voice, she really should be given many lines. but we all know that isn’t how SM works. so i’m glad she was given the chance to shine in this sub-ubit. I’m quite concerned with Taeyeon’s revelation though. I just hope they don’t overexert themselves and just stay healthy..

Well, there are pros and cons of a 3 or 9-member group.. I hope Taeyeon would take care of her voice and throat accordingly.. I’m glad that Tiffany is able to get more lines here as compared to “The Boys"~

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