IU recently guested on an episode of Strong Heart where she disclosed her relationship fantasties.

IU recently released a special album to fans, Spring of a Twenty Year Old, in which she sang about an innocent love. On Strong Heart, she confessed, “I want to reveal a relationship out of the blue, without even my agency knowing about it beforehand. Something like saying in the middle of a live broadcast, ‘I have a boyfriend’.” Not only did she say that, but she continued, “I want to get married at the point in time when I’m the prettiest, popular, and receiving a lot of love. I think I’ll stop working once I get married.”

Oh IU - didn’t you already ‘tease’ about having a boyfriend? And it looks like you might be marrying young!


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ill support her in whatever she chooses to do ^^ she has my full support !

lol That’ll be interesting to see, out of the blue BAM I have a boyfriend o-o lol Well, let’s see what’s going to happen in the future :]

IU you are still young!
Don’t get marry yet!

Wow, what a dream!  That would be amazing to do, but she should continue even if she is married.  It does sound nice to stop once you’re married though. It seems like the singing career only seems to last for the young.

she shouldnt stop when she gets married raspberry

No I don’t want her to stop when she gets married

so she will stop working when she is most popular? noo :/

omg ‘-’ but i wish she won’t stop working, she’s so talented

lol whats wrong if she marry young

well, decisions can still change through times…

but the idea of IU has its own pros and cons.. smile

awwww IU i definitely wouldn’t be surprised if she got married young.  After all...she’s gorgeous and sweet.

Wow she really want to be married young. I’m not surprised by her confession she is so innocent.

having that said, it’s a very likely occurrence that she will marry young. 

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